Installing .22 inch vinyl over ceramic tiles?

Is it too much weight to install vinyl plank tile over 12" ceramic floor? The house is 47 yrs old, and worried about the floor joist load limit.

  2 answers
  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 10, 2018
    That's a wonderful question! Would you be willing to remove the ceramic tiles?

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Jun 10, 2018
    If your house is a pier and beam, just go under and do an inspection. My first house was built in 1939 and I wanted to put a waterbed in back in the 1980s. My handyman came out from under the house laughing. The joists were closer together than is now common, with reinforcing in the opposite direction every foot or so. Of course, there had never been termite or water issues over the years either. So, that house would have had no problem with the weight you are speaking of!