Asked on Apr 18, 2021

How to add a clear, glossy, protective top coat to tile?

by Kimmpossible

I have a back room off my kitchen that I'd like to use as a craft room. It has a built in counter top that was in pretty bad shape so we covered it with ceramic floor tiles. I'm happy with the results but I want to put some type of clear, glossy, protective finish over it, like a lacquer or glaze.

I think a clear shiny top coat would not only look nice, it would also seal the grout and make the surface very easy to clean. My question is, do they make such a product and, if so, what is it called, how is it applied and where can I get it?

I'd appreciate any/all suggestions, ideas or advice. I don't have much experience with tile and I'm not sure what type of product I should use. Thanks !!

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