One Ingredient Potted Plant Food From Tea Bags!

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If you remember a last year, I mentioned I was doing some in-depth chemistry research on tea. I did some studies on tea for your health.

I also started experimenting with it for cleaning the house. We have a carpet refresher with tea, and also this incredible window cleaner made from tea  ( Note: for all these links, please visit the blog post)

Tea is also fantastic for plants! As a plant itself, tea leaves contain many nutrients that in turn feed other plants.



  1. Since this post is talking about FREE plant food, that means you will be using USED tea bags.
  2. After you have a cup of black tea, save the tea bag and set aside. Don’t ring out the tea bag, leave it plump right out of the tea cup. You can save up as many as you’d like depending on how many pots you will be filling. They can be dried or still damp when you use them.
  3. Fill your pot with good drainage like rocks and pebbles, add a layer of dirt then add in some of the used tea bags. Top with some more dirt, then add in your plant.
  4. Each time you water, it will fill up the tea bag and release the nutrients. Plants soak up water from the roots, so all the things released from the tea bag will be soaked up too.

Keep in mind, to get all the scientific benefits, black tea is recommended!

Used Tea Bag

Add to Potting Soil

Cover with dirt

Here is how it will look after, completely cover with dirt. Just make sure the tea bag is fully covered.

Other Methods for Using Tea

  • You can always use new tea bags if you don’t have used ones.
  • Another tip is using already brewed tea to water your plant. If you have some leftover brewed black tea (WITHOUT any sweetener), just pour that on the soil around plant. Then, water like normal.
  • If you make your own compost, adding used tea bags is a great addition as well.

 Please visit (Blog link is at the bottom of this post) to get information on science and FAQS!!!)

Suggested materials:

  • Tea bags   (Store)
  • Potting Soil   (Store)

Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
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