How do I repurpose a small buffet into a sink?

  4 answers
  • Linda Linda on Jun 05, 2018
    Are you wanting to add a sink in its current location? Or use as a vanity in a bathroom for example? Thanks

  • Ann Ann on Jun 05, 2018
    Assuming the plumbing is there, you need to cut a hole that will hold the sink then caulk around it.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 05, 2018
    I agree with Ann. The most important step in this plan is cutting the hole exactly accurate. Measure twice and cut once. Drop in your sink and run a line of silicone around it. Use a wet finger to push silicone in the space around the sink. Wipe away any excess. Best of luck to you.

  • Sandy Sandy on Jun 06, 2018
    Easiest to do with a top mount sink that holds faucet also. If your dresser is not tall enough a sink that stands up is great idea and easy. Remove drawers and measure how far down the sink and plumbing will go. You may need to take the fronts off of several drawers and glue them back in place. I needed to cut a notch in the back of one and then could still use most of it. If you have doors, it's even better because you just need to remove and remake shelves to go around plumbing. Install sink (cutting off the part of the back panel that you need to get to the wall.