How to reuse a box of nuts

I got a box of nuts as a gift and I liked the box. So, how can I reuse it and what purpose can be used for?
I need your advise and ideas.
q how to reuse a box of nuts , repurpose household items, repurposing upcycling, It can be open
It can be open
q how to reuse a box of nuts , repurpose household items, repurposing upcycling, The box from up
The box from up
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  • Mim Mim on Oct 28, 2016
    Picture frame

  • Mim Mim on Oct 28, 2016
    add a mirror

  • Bobbie Bobbie on Oct 28, 2016
    I agree it's perfect for a picture frame

  • Susan Susan on Oct 28, 2016
    The inside is so pretty - why not use as a shadowbox?

  • Marion Lansford Marion Lansford on Oct 28, 2016
    No ideas but great box! Lucky you!

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Oct 28, 2016
    put a piece of glass on it then a favorite picture of someone, then make it in to a small keep all box...

  • Mimi Mimi on Oct 28, 2016
    Hang different lengths of small ornaments on a ribbon or maybe favorite necklaces.

  • Fondue Fondue on Oct 28, 2016
    You don't mention the size of the box, but it would make a pretty storage box for stationery/writing supplies, or line it with a piece of velvet and use it for jewelry. Store hand sewing supplies, rubber stamps & ink pads, favorite recipes, collection of seeds to be planted next Spring, anything you like!

  • Cindy Ptak Cindy Ptak on Oct 28, 2016
    First thing I thought of was picture frame, and then you have a little room to store loose photos, etc.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Oct 28, 2016
    all great album

  • Elizabeth Jones Elizabeth Jones on Oct 28, 2016
    Use it as a shadow box for a pretty craft.

  • Jane PEELE Jane PEELE on Oct 28, 2016
    I suggest putting a piece of poster board in from the back of oval and glue in place. Decorate on both sides with old jewelry and rosebuds. Now use it for jewelry or watches !

  • Carole Carole on Oct 29, 2016
    It's a very pretty box with a precious look, you could store whatever is "precious" to you, it might be some spare keys, some small items you need to find easily, some bills etc./coupons, or as several suggested some jewelry, like lining all of your earrings on a piece of cardboard lined with velvet, so if you use pierced earrings, you can pierce the cardboard/velvet easily, or fold the velvet and make some straight "rows" (that might be filled with whatever may look like small-scale pool noodles) to corral the earrings. Whatever the contents, I'd suggest you get a piece of glass (and sand the edges or have them sanded if you buy and have the glass cut) and tape it to the back, you can use a square piece it will not show, no need to have it cut round, and use the lid as display for either the contents or as a photo frame. You can also use a piece of clear (hard) plastic like the kind used for displaying chocolates in a box. On the backside, you can cut up some hard paper (cardboard would add too much thickness and take up storage space from the inside of the box) , line it or not on the side that will show through the glass -and position your photo(s); then back it with another layer of the same plastic or soft plastic to protect the photo on the side in contact with the contents, you can use something cheap and easy to cut like the plastic pouch used for storing documents (sorry, cannot recall the name in English). Line all the way round the glass cover (on the backside of the lid, with tape, then tape the glass-photo-cardboard-backsideplastic sandwich with tape applied to the first layer of tape, this way you can easily rip off and change the contents of the "sandwich". If you want the inside of he bow to be "very pretty" you can skip the second layer of plastic and instead cut out a piece of semi-rigid cardboard that will be very tightly fitting to the inside of the lid (so you won't need to tape or glue anything) and protect the photos etc... while lining the side of the cardboard that would ne in contact with the contents of the box with velvet too. There's easy to cut and use paper that is sticky on one side and has velvet on the other side, usually for lining boxes or drawers for silverware, and this kind of paper is not very expensive and easy to deal with, no gluing, no sewing, no mess. You may find inspiration in books or on blogs relatd to scrapbooking, for your box does have similarities to a photo album, so if you want the inside of the box to be pretty and you feel like using time and having fun working and decorating with lining, ribbons, bows, pearls'll find ideas there....Enjoy!

  • Fre10298587 Fre10298587 on Oct 29, 2016
    Maybe use it for a tray to hold a pillar candle or hurricane lamp, or a bowl which you could fill with whatever the occasion calls for, or a coaster to hold a coffee carafe (or one of those mug warmers) or a wine bottle, or an electric lamp base if you have a lamp with a round bottom to fit. It is too pretty to throw away!

  • Christine Poitras Rogers Christine Poitras Rogers on Oct 29, 2016
    Use it as a guest sign in at a wedding reception . Get little wooden hearts and have guest sign them and they can slide then in a little slot on top of box. Great keepsake instead of a guest book. Decorate it as you wish.

  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 29, 2016
    It would make a beautiful frame for a picture!!

  • Kim Salmi Kim Salmi on Oct 29, 2016
    I see a picture frame too : ) !

  • Dig8125634 Dig8125634 on Oct 29, 2016
    a beautiful picture frame

  • Alice Alice on Oct 29, 2016
    Put a photo in the top and keep greeting cards In the box.

  • Chi6855957 Chi6855957 on Oct 29, 2016
    Use it on the wall and make a 3 D quilling piece in it. It would serve as the frame. Use it as an earring store away.

  • Lunarmodule Lunarmodule on Oct 29, 2016
    I buy my nuts and after-dinner mints in quantity and refill my see-threw box, no scrambling when ready to serve.

  • Dannielle Dannielle on Oct 29, 2016
    I think I might put a plastic plate in it and set a pretty plant in it.

  • Kat Kat on Oct 29, 2016
    Add fine thin ribbon or lace and plastic hooks for a vertical jewelry box

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Oct 29, 2016
    Wedding or Baby book. Picture in center and store other mementos inside. If Baby book you could update each year with new pic and keep it going right through school with final report cards or special achievements.

  • Lisa Terry Hann Lisa Terry Hann on Oct 29, 2016
    Shadow box. Glue glass to the lid so it can open and close. Put items of interest in it and hang it on the wall. Picture frame. Insert a mirror for a decorative piece for the wall. Small frame for a mirror. Paint the fram or leave as is.

  • Jackie Jackie on Oct 29, 2016
    I would put a piece of glass inside, glued to the front. You could find one in a cheap picture frame. Then a favorite picture, use some small pieces of velcro to hold it closed (so picture could be changed) and hang it! It is a very pretty box!

  • B B on Oct 29, 2016
    Something that hangs on the wall or a special Christmas keepsake

  • Delicia Ambrosino Delicia Ambrosino on Oct 29, 2016
    Have a coffee table? You will need: a picture a bit bigger than the oval, two pieces of semi hard plastic big enough to put your picture between the plastic pieces so it is snug yet removable should you wish to change your picture, a knife or scissors to cit a thumb size piece out of the plastic to make it easier to remove your picture, a glue that will work with the plastic and the material of the box or use screw in picture clamps like those on the back of a picture frame. Put whatever you want inside. But add a bit of fragrant potpourri so every time you open it you get a delightful treat for the senses. Perhaps paper and pen to keep on hand? Your remote?

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Oct 29, 2016
    You could also use it for tissues,napkins,or as a candy dish!

  • V Valencia V Valencia on Oct 29, 2016
    You could spray paint the center round area gold to match the top or glue in velvet or some pretty fabric. Glue some pretty handles on the sides and use it on a vanity for cosmetics, perfumes or jewelry.

  • Tammy Tammy on Oct 29, 2016
    I agree that this would be perfect for a jewelry box, but I would leave the center clear. You could also attach it to the wall after adding small hooks to hang necklaces in.

  • Zoe Liptak Zoe Liptak on Oct 29, 2016
    Because of the depth of the box, you could create a shadowbox for a small keepsake.

  • Marcia Marcia on Oct 29, 2016
    Make it a make-up mirror. Put a glass or acrylic mirror inside box facing out through the hole. Prop up top (or place cosmetics inside box) to keep open and set on vanity or shelf.

  • Catherine Bridges Catherine Bridges on Oct 29, 2016
    What about a display box or frame. I say buy a sheet of foam and cut to fit the inside of the box. Make sure the foam is as thick or a Thad less thick than your box once it is filled with your treasure to be displayed or photo.lay a pice of card board covered with a decorative paper or fabric.

  • Catherine Bridges Catherine Bridges on Oct 29, 2016
    Continued-Around the cardboard and secure with hot glue or glue dots. If you want to change the color of the box itself use a chalk paint of your choice. Very cute box.

  • Judy Langer Judy Langer on Oct 29, 2016
    It's a perfect frame for a special photo.

  • Ese8934807 Ese8934807 on Oct 29, 2016
    I love Marcia idea

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Oct 29, 2016
    Attach wire mesh in matching color to inside of lid. Fill the box with your favorite potpourri and secure the lid. Use Velcro to attach it to the inside of a closet or cabinet. I've saved the wooden boxes Brie cheese comes in. Decoupage the outsides and punch small holes in the lids to do the same.

  • Sherry Siedenburg Sherry Siedenburg on Oct 29, 2016
    Beautiful box! I'm thinking an elegant shadowbox may be in order!

  • 861650 861650 on Oct 29, 2016
    Check out Pinterest. Type in decorative boxes or cigar boxes. There are so many ideas they make my head swim.

  • Peggy Peggy on Oct 29, 2016
    A shadow box was my first idea too, or a vignette as mentioned too.

  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Oct 30, 2016
    I love it as it is for a mirror or a progressive picture frame. With the thickness you add a new picture of child as they grow and have them all in one place.

  • Joanie Joanie on Oct 30, 2016
    I'm comin' around for the second time. This box is gold and I was thinkin' of a Golden Wedding anniversary gift. Glass and a photo of your parents or whoever with their original or 50 th wedding picture. So many keepsakes to fill the empty space with.

  • Ale9219609 Ale9219609 on Oct 30, 2016
    Use it as a picture frame

  • MK McDonald MK McDonald on Oct 30, 2016
    I don't think it needs a huge overhaul but maybe set a mirror or other lightweight material to cover the hole. Glued from the inside of course. Then using materials such as raised appliqués similar to the design on the lid, painted a metallic colour...and/or adding a graphics design on the mirror or stick on words like "memories" or "treasure" If it's not too fussy glue an old brooch in the middle or a fancy knob or decorative handle on the side where you'd open the box. Strings of craft pearls do wonders in outlining frames or mirrors and can be painted if you wish. You are so lucky!!

  • Pat Pat on Oct 30, 2016
    Fairy lights that run off a battery, and stain glass. Place lights inside, tape or light glue. Attach stain glass, or a silk print. Check out lights, make sure cool lamps. These are very tiny bulbs.

  • Gwen Gwen on Oct 31, 2016
    Use it as a shadow box

  • Sharon Marie Doughty Sharon Marie Doughty on Nov 01, 2016
    Perfect for a shadow box , line inside with your favorite colour of felt , glass , my husband made two for old fishing plugs for our rustic bathroom awesome !

  • Leisa Yeager Leisa Yeager on Nov 01, 2016
    Get an apothecary jar place in round opening put in bath and fill with cotton, q-tips or bath salts what ever, very pretty box

  • Carey Carey on Nov 04, 2016
    I would make a copy of a favorite picture. IT could be family or scene that you LOVE. Put family pictures inside and set on coffee table. Friends and kids alike will love to look at the pictures and it will be a great conversation piece. Put a photo album near it to carry out the theme. It will inspire you to complete a photo album including the journaling in it so that the pictures will mean something to every one who looks at it.