How would you spruce up an old coal bucket?

by Rita
  4 answers
  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 29, 2019

    Use it as a planter ...or paint it flat black , then use a crackle medium and do a top coat in white or pick up a color used in the room ..

  • Gathered In The Kitchen Gathered In The Kitchen on Apr 29, 2019

    What color is it now? Is it originally a copper one? If so, you can by a cleaner that is approved for copper and clean it up and give it back it's shine. I have an ooooold coal bucket sitting next to my fireplace and intend on putting small birch tree logs in it during the colder months and green boxwoods during the warmer months.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 29, 2019

    just wash it well with some dawn dish soap let it dry, other than that you'll wreck the character/maybe value; use it for dry storage in office,crafting,tools,kitchen utensils,picnic/BBQ supplies,garden tools,sewing room,artist supplies/brushes,dog toys,depending how big bucket is or your cat maybe a cute cat bed,kindling by wood stove or fireplace so many ways to use it.

  • Rita Rita on Apr 29, 2019

    Thanks for the advice.