Asked on Aug 30, 2017

How would you re-purpose this shower stool?

by Marie
I thankfully have no more use for this shower stool. I know I can donate it but really want to re-purpose it. I thought I could use it as a vanity seat or a foot stool.

I was originally thinking of adding a colorful print cushion but got stuck with how to adhere the cushion to the seat. Then I was wondering what I could do with the legs to make the stool look more attractive. I know I would remove the bulky rubber pieces.

Any ideas?
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  • Karen Rogers Karen Rogers on Aug 30, 2017

    vanity stool or foot stool, pad top make skirt for underneath pad. Probably could just glue them onto seat to hold.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 30, 2017

    You could put a round pillow or cushion on the seat. paint the legs with Rustoleum. Removing the rubber pieces may not let the stool be safe as they may affect the way the legs stay at the height you want it at. Paint them the same color as the legs.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Aug 30, 2017

    Make a loose cover. Circle of material with Gathered or Pleated edge. If you like you could use a circular pillow and add a skirt or put pillow on top????

  • Kirsten Kirsten on Aug 30, 2017

    If it was provided by the NHS or social work, you need to give it back to them. You can't get rid of the rubber bits - the higher ones are e-clips holding the legs in the right position, and the bottom ones are ferrules keeping it stable and slip-resistant.

    • Marie Marie on Aug 30, 2017

      Thank you for the tips. This was a gift I purchased for my safety when I broke my ankle a few years back. Hopefully I won't be needing a shower stool again for a good number of years.

  • Jean Jean on Aug 30, 2017

    Oh my goodness. I have one of those and i just had an idea for a desk stool for my grandson that would fit perfectly with the diy desk i made him. i needed something not as high as a chair but higher than his little chairs.

  • Jesse Jordan Jesse Jordan on Aug 30, 2017

    A circle of fabric, sewing elastic around the edge. Spray paint the legs, which I think look very cool and space-agey.

  • Celia Ambrose Celia Ambrose on Aug 30, 2017

    You could donate to charities that help other disabled people.

  • Zest it Up Zest it Up on Aug 30, 2017

    You could definitely spray paint it a fun color! I think finding some fun fabric to put on the cushion seat would be super cute! You could use it as a small side table as well!

  • Emily Emily on Aug 30, 2017

    If you are a good seamstress I would make a circle of fabric for the seat, add at least twice the circumference of the seat (and length of the stool) to gather around the circle for a skirt, then make a separate round cushion/pillow which you adhere to the first circle with a piece of velcro on each.

  • Mys21695176 Mys21695176 on Aug 31, 2017

    Personally I'd cover the legs with pool noodles and add a soft seat with velcro before handing it over to my kids to decide its final use (6yo boy/17mo girl).

  • Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz Fee Miriam Rosenfeltz on Sep 01, 2017

    I have one of these that my Mum no longer needed.... I got a large, floral patterned shower cap and stretched that over the top with some foam wadding underneath.... Makes a comfy & pretty stool which is easy to clean.

  • Marie Marie on Sep 01, 2017

    I like the idea of a side table, I have some small sized ceiling fan blades that I can use. But I am not sure of what kind of glue would stick to resin as well as wood.

  • Dre949785 Dre949785 on Sep 16, 2017

    A round upholstered pillow with attached skirt will cover it completely

    and should anybody need it as a shower stool in the Future ,all you do is pull the pillow off and re use as it was meant originally.

  • Marie Marie on Oct 17, 2017

    Well it took sometime but I finally made the stool into a foot stool to use in my little patio sanctuary. Thanks for all the suggestions!