What can I do to Update this faux fireplace?

Has anyone ever found a use for an upcycle for a piece like this? I've advertised it for sale in vintage sections, but no bites so far. It's in excellent condition--the picture shows the doors open, but the front is solid mahogany-like finish (very glossy finish) when closed and there are shelves behind the speakers on the bottom-- so sort of sad to just junk it. Would love to hear your creative ideas!

q update the faux fireplace

On the left is a swivel "bar". On the right is a turntable and an 8-track player--complete with 8-tracks!
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  • Mimi Simpson Mimi Simpson on Apr 03, 2017
    It could be made into a desk... It is a nice piece...

  • Really no bites? I would have grabbed it, given the electronic equipment to a friend and made some sort of storage unit out of it. Possibly added legs or feet to raise up, or maybe wheels - portable buffet, party bar, coffee bar. Great in a craft room. Good in a family or great room. How about an entryway console for keys, mail, sunglasses, leashes (if applicable), add a charging station for cell phones or tablets.

  • William William on Apr 04, 2017
    Maybe your asking price was too high. I would piece it out. Remove and sell the 8 track player with speakers and turntable separately on Ebay (which I do). Vintage electronics are hot and prices are outrageous also sell fast. Remove the fake fireplace logs and install shelves. Paint the fake marble to match the cabinet. Leave the 'bar' side, convert the electronic side to a coffee bar. Maybe put some casters on it so it can be moved easily.

  • Cynthia Cynthia on Apr 06, 2017
    I painted ours. 😊

  • Mary Mary on Apr 23, 2017
    Thank you Cynthia, William, Naomi and Mimi. I hadn't seen that anyone had replied until today. I finally did sell the piece, but I'll keep these ideas in mind for upcycling or redoing other pieces!