How to repurpose glass jar and face towel?

What to do with glass jar and face towel

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  • Boy28199061 Boy28199061 on Aug 15, 2017
    Screw the lids to the underside of a shelf and use the glass (screwed. On) as storage for nails, toilets art. Or buttons etc.

  • Kim Kim on Aug 15, 2017
    It depends on the size of your jar.
    I use glass jars for many things depending on their size. Gallon jars are great for drygood storage. Crochet a cozy with the name of dry good inside for canisters. Half gallon jars are great for ferments, quarts for leftovers and smaller dry goods needs. Pints are great for dressings, leftovers, and dried fruit. I use cup size jars to put my yogurt in and also for dried peppers. 1/2 cup and smaller get spices stored in them.
    I have a FoodSaver with the jar vacuum attachment that makes the jarred food last a long time!
    : )

    • Rae Fournier-Sorensen Rae Fournier-Sorensen on Aug 15, 2017
      I also have the FoodSaver but do not understand your use of the jar attachment please explain.
      I would love to get a reply to this. Thanks

  • Judy Judy on Aug 15, 2017
    A glass jar, can always be used, (for a candle) or for storage, in kitchen, or for the face towel, you can dye it, if you want to, and keep on using in any room. This will always be handy.

  • Kim Kim on Aug 15, 2017
    The food saver that has an accessory port can be used to vacuum seal small and wide mouth canning jars. You have to buy the attachments which are available on their website. I save my used canning flat lids and find that most of them work great for vacuum sealing the jars. The wide mouth works better than the small mouth. I think I paid around $9 for the attachment.
    Hope that helps
    : )

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 15, 2017
    Out the face towel in the jar with the pretty pattern showing. 😇

  • Frankie Roberts Frankie Roberts on Aug 15, 2017
    There are many ways to decorate jars and with face towels just use them as cleaning rags some white towels are hard to come clean again. Also you can use the towels to make soap holder when your soap get down to low you can put them into a towel holder and continue to use until soap is gone. Wash and reuse.