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What Are The Top Ways To Clean A Dirty Stovetop?

Raise your hand if you want a sparkling clean stovetop that magically makes spills and stains disappear before the holidays. Yeah, us too! While we wait for that to be invented, got any stovetop cleaning tips to share with your fellow Hometalkers, as we cook up a storm this week?
Join the community discussion; tell us what kind of stovetop you have and how you keep it clean in the comments.

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    • Have you tried Greased Lightning? Can buy at Lowes
    • Grease Lightening is the best for stovetops!
    • Thank you Cheri and Lydia. Cheri, for some reason I did not see your reply until today.
      Drgoodie Drgoodie  Cypress, TX · answered on Aug 9, 2016 ·
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  • Best way to clean gas stovetop
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    • @Mabeline have you tried Arm and Hammer Washing Soda? Below @Stephania Potter mentions that she uses to loosen burned food from stainless steel pots.
    • I will try this as I have washing soda on hand. Thanks
      Mabeline Mabeline  Patterson, CA · answered on Dec 22, 2015 ·
    • @Linda Ward I use Barkeepers Friend on everything!!! Love this stuff!!! Follow directions as it can burn.
      Cherie Cherie  Cleburne, TX · answered on Dec 23, 2015 ·
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    • Have you ever tried Tub 'n Tile by Melalueca? It's not only amazing in the shower but it a wonderful cleaner for jobs like this
    • And it contains no chemicals or ammonia
    • @Sheila B Use the Glass cooktop cleaner and polish after you clean it. Black shows everything so just have to clean more often, Clorox wipes will clean stove top, but still have to polish out streaks with glass cooktop cleaner.
    • @Sheila B I had soapstone counters that I used mineral oil on and a black and stainless steel stove. I would clean the stove top with a mild cleaner, then put the mineral oil on the black top to make is shine and it looked fabulous! Just don't put it on the grill as it will burn and smoke.
      Glenda Glenda  Tulsa, OK · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • @Sheila B I have the same problem and have found that using a little Pledge on your dust rag leaves no streaks and puts a nice shine on the stove top. I can usually get by with just wiping up with my sponge a few times before having to bring out the Pledge again.
    • @Sheila B Clean any grease etc. with a soapy sponge then let dry then follow up with window cleaner. Wipe off the cleaner and buff with a good quality micro fiber cloth. Nice and shiny with no streaks. Make sure you wash the cloth regularly.
    • A microfiber cloth. First soapy and then just water and wring it very dry. Any stubborn spots will come off with those white Mr. Clean sponges that do not scratch. Everything else goes into the dishwasher regularly.
      Mike Mike  Saint George, UT · answered on Dec 19, 2015 ·
    • I want to know too!
    • @Sheila B Using a cleaning spray of your choice, spray stove top and wipe with a micro fiber cloth only. This keeps smears away :)
      Missbev Missbev  Wabash, IN · answered on Dec 19, 2015 ·
    • @Sheila B I hated my black cook top. After 15 years I finally replaced it. No matter what I used, it never looked clean.
    • @Sheila B Sheila, what ever you do don't use EZOff and let it sit. It will stain your black top like my stove. I've used warm soap and water and scrub with a plastic scrubber. Then I polish it of with Stainless steel oil.
      B B  Corona, CA · answered on Dec 19, 2015 ·
    • @Sheila B After wiping the grease off with a warm dish cloth, I use regular rubbing alcohol !! Make sure your burners are cooled down of course but I found that alcohol on a soft dry cloth will not only remove any residue but it will shine, shine, shine, all of my black appliances. I use it on my refrigerator as well, even gets the water stains off the ice dispenser tray.
      Linda Linda  Plymouth, IN · answered on Dec 19, 2015 ·
    • @Sheila B I recently watched an episode of Cooks Country. In the segment where they compare different cooking utensils and products, Method general purpose cleaner (purple liquid) was compared to other cleaners on the market and it won everyone's highest praise. I have been using it ever since and I absolutely love using it on my black stove. It is better if you use a clean wet cloth and let it dry naturally. Method is also eco friendly.
      Mindy Mindy  Pueblo, CO · answered on Dec 19, 2015 ·
    • Ammonia based cleaners work the best on glass and enameled steel. Hot hot water mixed with the ammonia and elbow grease. Scrub,scrub, scrub.
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    • @Phyllis Ittas you rub it on and thenbuff with a clean, soft cloth. Try it on a small appliance first to prove it to yourself. No stainless cleaner can take off all of the fingerprints like WD40!
      Barbara Barbara  Statesville, NC · answered on Dec 21, 2015 ·
    • @Barbara but the smell is there for a long time. i wouldn't want my house smelling like that
    • @Lee-Jerry France Not true. The only smell is when you first put it on your cloth (I use an old sock). Have you ever checked out all of the wonderful uses for WD40? But using it on stainless is my absolute favorite!
      Barbara Barbara  Statesville, NC · answered on Dec 23, 2015 ·
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    • The easiest way is to get a straight edge razor and scrape the stove top. Once the biggest mess has been cleaned up wash with soapy water. Once that is cleaned up get an empty spray bottle and fill it with vinegar. Spray your stove top with it and wipe off. The vinegar leaves no greasy streaks and your surface looks great.
      MaryAnn MaryAnn  Lady Lake, FL · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • This is how I clean my glass top. Bought a scraper that uses single edge razor blades and scrape off heavy boil over. Then I spray with Perfect Glass (block bottle from Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart) and wipe with paper towels. Perfect Glass cuts grease and doesn't leave streaks. It also works great on granite and Corian countertops.
    • I'd guess they carry it at most groceries too.
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    • @Phyllis Ittas Windex, is the best
      Joan A Joan A  Cartersville, GA · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • Use Lemon oil furniture polish. It's the only thing I have found that prevents finger prints on stainless steel appliances...and it smells nice.
    • I grabbed a clorox wipe a few days ago to get a nasty mess off the dishwasher and it dried streak free. That was a pleasant surprise.
    • @Phyllis Ittas For stainless, nothing works better than WD-40! Amazing!! We use it on our Viking appliances. I got this tip from the salesperson we bought the appliances from.
      Barbara Barbara  Statesville, NC · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • @Phyllis Ittas Apply a little olive oil and buff. Works like a charm.
    • Stainless steel spray or the wipes work like a charm.
      Pat Pat  Philadelphia, PA · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • WD40
      Maria C Maria C  East Brunswick, NJ · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • The oil is the cheapest, lest toxic and works great!
    • @Phyllis Ittas use WD40 and clean with even strokes not circular
    • For a quick clean I use a blue microfiber cloth. If you've got some real problem spots - use shadazzle to remove oxidation then a light coat of orange oil. No more streaks,smears or fingerprints.
    • @Phyllis Ittas GO to automotive store and get invisible glass in the spray can it works wonders on stainless,glass, faucets and more.
    • @Phyllis Ittas I use a micro cloth with just water rung out very dry and it removes the streaks and fingerprints
    • I use windex on my stove top after I clean it. It makes it absolutely streak free!
    • Buy Zap Cloths - Zezo-Fiber - online. Amazon.com has them. You just wet them, ring them out and go to town cleaning. I use them on our stainless steel topped table, refrig, dishwasher and farm sink. I am 64 yo and have tried many products and every potion that I can find online and Zaps are the best. You can clean anything with them. I even used one to mop our wood floors. Throw them in the washer when dirty, hang to dry and their ready again. Love them!
    • @Grandma jean Also the water wonder cloth works the same. Wet, Wring & Wipe. No streaks, Really shines every surface! Love ,mine!
      Kathy Kathy  Marshfield, WI · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • @Phyllis Ittas i make a home made glass cleaner of 2 parts rubbing alcohol, and1 part water....works great!
      Penny Penny  Syracuse, NY · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • Try lemon oil on a soft cloth. You don't need very much, just wipe it on then buff to a shine. The bonus is that it smells nice.
    • @Henry Denson I LOVE that stuff. Never without it.
      Bonnie Bonnie  Lebanon, MO · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • Wipe down with white vinegar and then olive oil and buff.....
      Shirleyj Shirleyj  Metaline Falls, WA · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • microfiber towel leaves no streaks
      Barbie Barbie  Whitestone, NY · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • I use Pledge furniture polish. Shines up the stainless steel and I get no fingerprints, also cuts right through any grease stains on it.
    • @Phyllis Ittas I have tried Every cleaner out there...and found out that Germ-X, hand sanitizer works miracles....Rub some on with a soft microfiber cloth....and use another one to shine it up...no streaks.....or fingerprints....and stays so clean for a long long time....>>Love this method. Works the same on my Black Refrigerator......never saw it look so good.
      Janice Janice  Petoskey, MI · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • @Phyllis Ittas Have you tried using windex and a clean terry cloth towel?
      Angel Angel  Hesperia, CA · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
    • @Phyllis Ittas one of my friends cleans houses for a living and she said most of her clients have stainless steel appliances, and she has found a product made by J and J. Its Pledge Orange, you can use it on almost everything. I've tried it on my leather chair, works great.
    • After the regular cleaning I use alcohol. Makes it sparkle.
      Ramona Ramona  Lakeside, CA · answered on Dec 18, 2015 ·
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  • Sana
    Sana Fort Lauderdale, FL
    on Dec 18, 2015

    urghh i hate it

  • Pippa Pendrill
    Pippa Pendrill Australia
    on Dec 18, 2015

    My cooktop looks similar to the one in the pic - just cleaner. I go over the worst of enamel with a couple of paper towels dipped in hot water and washing up liquid. Clean of what I can with that, go over the 'baked' in stains with steel wool and detergent - wipe that off with another paper, then over the areas that get the most baked in stains, I spray WD40. That way, the next time I cook, I can just wipe the area off with a paper towel without having to resort to elbow grease. and no, the WD40 has never caught fire or anything like that - it just forms a protective coating over the enamel. It's years since I've had a cooktop that required much effort to clean it. So there's another good use for WD40.

  • Yasmin Reyal
    Yasmin Reyal Sri Lanka
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Hot water and a good liquid cleaner removes stains and grime fast, even off pots when you wash them while the heat is still somewhere there.

  • Kimberly Stice Allen
    Kimberly Stice Allen Parsons, KS
    on Dec 18, 2015


  • Pam Shoesmith Probasco
    Pam Shoesmith Probasco
    on Dec 18, 2015

    I would think Barkeeper's Friend.

  • Sauve
    Sauve France
    on Dec 18, 2015

    it is a process when the stove top looks like that one above. 1. Take off all removable parts. If they are plastic, use about a quart of tepid tap water with a 4oz tube of Prell Rinse Clean Shampoo Concentrate dissolved into the water. Add the plastic parts and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. *This will also work on you stove hood* 2. Wipe off the stove top with a rag and tepid water. Dry it with a blow dryer. 3. Go out to the garage and grab some Brake Cleaner Spray. Yup the stuff you use to clean the car brake dust and road oils off of your car. While you're getting that, may just as well get some rubbing compound and paste car wax, a couple large micro-fiber cloths and couple of rags. 4. If you have a gas stove, cover the burn source with plastic wrap or painters tape. 5. Spray the entire top of the stove with the brake cleaner Spray and allow it to sit for about ten minute before wiping it off with paper towels. Make sure it is all off 6. If there is still anything left to clean off then use the rubbing compound. Follow the directions on the can. 7. Use the paste wax. Place on two coats. This will resist penetration of spills and make wipe ups easy and fast. Again, follow the directions on the can. 8. Dip a micro fiber cloth into the shampoo/water bath for the plastic parts and wring the cloth out until it is just barely damp. Remove the plastic parts and wipe them with the microfiber cloth. Rinse them in clear water and dry with a soft rag. 9. Reassemble the stove and don't forget to remove the plastic wrap or painter's tape. Never use a scouring pad or a brush of any type on a painted or enameled surface, like a stove. Doing so make each and every next clean up that much more difficult. Don't use oven cleaner on a painted or enameled surface either. I lived in rentals all of my life (now 65) until recently. I have cleaned many kitchen appliances like this and they have not suffered from it. I have a ceramic convection cooktop now. I have also used rubbing compound and paste wax to reseal sinks and fiberglass or molded shower walls and tubs. It also works like a charm but one must get off all of the soap and calcium build up first. I don't remember the last time I bought scouring powder or a scouring pad but it must be back in my twenties. I use tomato juice to get any burned foods out of pots or roasters. My oven cleans itself. I apologize that this is so long

  • Lourdes
    Lourdes Isabela, PR
    on Dec 18, 2015

    I spray white vinegar in the night, after removing any food and I'm the morning is easier to clean and remove grease. I also use white vinegar on the kitchen floor and it removes everything! Just water with white vinegar. 😉

  • Debbie
    Debbie Australia
    on Dec 18, 2015

    spray it with d-grease, give it a couple of minutes then wipe off.

  • Recycler
    Recycler Swanton, MD
    on Dec 18, 2015

    ammonia...leave on since the fumes will dislodge this. put grates in zip loc bags overnight with ammonia in it

    • Linda
      Linda Stanley, NY
      on Dec 18, 2015

      I have done this many times and love how easy it is to clean those grates

  • Lynbob78
    Lynbob78 Wilkes Barre, PA
    on Dec 18, 2015

    For an enamel cooktop like the one pictured, first I sprinkled the soiled areas with baking soda & and dripped on lemon juice and for the magic. Then I wiped that away and I used a commercially bought oven cleaner & sprayed that on for a few hours or overnight to let it work its magic then wiped and rinsed the cook top. It worked wonders! Then I sued the baking soda mixed with lemon juice for any areas not eliminated. You may need to reuse more of the oven cleaner for any remaining stubborn areas. Made my stove look brand spanking new!!! You might also want to try a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

    • The Hometalk Team
      The Hometalk Team New York, NY
      on Dec 19, 2015

      @Lynbob78 Nice. Nothing like a sparkling clean stove to brighten your morning. :)

  • Ann
    Ann Canada
    on Dec 18, 2015

    now ladies how do you clean the stainless steel stove tops ( my is black and is gas )

    • Phyllis Ittas
      Phyllis Ittas Canada
      on Dec 18, 2015

      @Ann See my above comment with baking soda and lemon or lime juice with a Mr Clean eraser. Hot soapy cloth to get all the baking soda of the top. Your choice of lemon or limefor the fresh clensmell.

  • Martin Conyard
    Martin Conyard United Kingdom
    on Dec 18, 2015

    An old guy (ex engineer) told me about the chemistry of why this works but THAT part went in one ear and out the other BUT white spirits like you use for cleaning paint brushes really works. It takes a bit of elbow grease and make sure you have a window open and of course - don't smoke or turn the rings on. (Don't spill any elbow grease as that's a whole different cleaning method 😂)

  • Mandy Bailey
    Mandy Bailey Canada
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Never let it get this dirty use a paper towel and some all purpose spray and wipe it up after the burner cools

  • Dee B
    Dee B Newport News, VA
    on Dec 18, 2015

    I have a ten yr old stove. I clean it daily as spills happen. It looks brand new. No stove should ever get that dirty. Who would cook or eat from that?

  • Karalee Gross
    Karalee Gross Morton, IL
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Make a paste with baking soda & vinegar.

  • Jane
    Jane Watervliet, NY
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Common sense just says clean up spils right away. Having a new white stove helps as it is so easy to notice drips and drabs.

  • Nhodge1952
    on Dec 18, 2015

    One lemon juiced and baking soda. Mix juice with enough soda to make a paste. Apply to stove wait 7-10 min wipe away. If needed use the left over lemon rhine to scrub with before wiping away. Fresh and easy. I a ways zest my lemon first and freeze the zest for other uses. Why waste it?

  • Marsha
    Marsha Jamestown, NY
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda paste-let set then just wipe up!

  • Ernette
    Ernette United Kingdom
    on Dec 18, 2015

    Hi there, my top tips are : clean everyday. Use baking soda and dishwashing soap liquid. Soak hotplates in soapy hot water.

    • The Hometalk Team
      The Hometalk Team New York, NY
      on Dec 19, 2015

      @Jenn good to know. Hope some of these other techniques suggested here work for you!

  • Shelia brickhouse
    Shelia brickhouse Norfolk, VA
    on Dec 18, 2015

    I use heavy duty oven cleaner

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