Washington Grove, MD Basement Remodel w/ Laundry Room & Bathroom

This was your typical 1950's basement that had been finished, or should I say attempted to, several times. All attempts were not completely thought through. Ceiling heights were so low that when you would come down the stairs, you had to turn your to the side, or else! The washer & dryer were tucked away in a dark unfinished corner, by the back door and windows had been covered over. This was bad......everything needed to come out (including stairs)!
Remodeled basement with full bath, laundry room, rec-room and redesigned stairs.
By pulling the stairs back, and creating a winder at the top, this brought them back enough to clear the support beam everyone was hitting their head on. A small hallway along side the stairs leads to a 3-piece bath. To the left of that hallway we created a nice finished laundry room, with folding counter and separate sink. All mechanicals, including duct-work & plumbing, was re-routed. This allowed for the most possible ceiling head-room and really clean-up the ceiling. Windows were opened and trimmed-out, allow for some natural light. Recessed lights were added to make up the difference.
Before framing, after demolition and clean-up
Before framing, after demolition and clean-up

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