Asked on Jun 12, 2012

what is a good quote for replacing the siding on my double bay window?

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  • 911 Address Signs
    on Jun 12, 2012

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  • Susan S
    on Jun 13, 2012

    I'm not a siding contractor so this isn't an area I have any expertise in but. . . . why do you need to replace the siding on your DBW??? What's wrong with it as is?? I would think if you replace that you would also need to folloow thru and change it on the front facade 2nd level too! I love the design of your home, very pretty!!

  • 3po3
    on Jun 13, 2012

    It's hard to give an estimate for your area, but you should be able to find contractors here on Hometalk who can give you free estimates.

  • I assume your flat panel siding below the windows is beginning to decay from moisture and rot? This is a very common condition with that type of window design. Not only does the water get behind all the cuts on the trims, but the plywood and the end cuts and behind the trim never gets primed so water easily enters and decays from the back. Depending upon what type of siding you are referring too, perhaps vinyl or composite? Or thinking of a cedar clapboard siding? With vinyl you will spend somewhere in the range of $2000. Go to wood and the price will go up several hundred dollars. Cedar, can be as much as $4.50 per foot. I would suggest that you stick with what you have, at least in look department. Have the old stuff torn off and new materials installed. But the trim boards should be Azek or some other plastic type of trim that can be installed without the worry of future rot. And all the flat panels be exterior grade treated plywood with a good quality coat of paint on both sides. Do not forget to properly caulk all joints or glue when using plastic types of trims. This will assure you of a long lasting wall system that will look great for years to come.

  • Rachel F
    on Jun 13, 2012

    911, it was down there, this is a picture from a few years ago when snow covered the south. Susan, it is pretty, but it has water damage & rot, not very pretty with holes gaping in it. Thanks, I love my house! Steve, thanks for the advice I will look, Wood,you are right on target. I was thinking to wrap it with the same hardiplank that is is visible above the porch. It would make it look different, but the idea is to replace with something more durable, so I don't run into this problem again. The vinyl is a great idea. I just don't want it to look cheep.

  • Nancy S
    on Jun 14, 2012

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  • You cannot expect any estimate from the web to be any where near accurate. As a onmtractor I would not even give a firm price on something with rot showing, esp around windows, because there is often worse rot under the sills and behind the siding. You will never know the extent of the problem until you open it up. So if you hire someone based on bid price, they are likely to just cover it up and keep on keeping on. You want someone with integrity and good rep to do this if you want it right I find that 7 or 8 out of ten builders actually do window flashings right. The rest depend on guesswork and caulking. I make a good percent of my income fixing behind their screw-ups

  • That is a high %. we would be lucky to find five out of ten.

  • Yes, I am sure it depends on regional builder's culture

  • Snapoutofit
    on Nov 1, 2016

    Most companies offer free quotes

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