The Easiest Rust Remover

2 Materials
5 Minutes

I’m a really big fan of rescuing objects, because I don’t believe in throwing things away that still have use in them. Sometimes though you get something and think, “that’s the end of this”, like this rusty pan. But then I found this great tip to remove rust from metal using coke and tinfoil.

Here’s my rusty pan. It's clearly seen too many cheesecakes. I didn't think I could bake with it again.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

All I used was a bottle of coke and a scrunched up piece of tinfoil.

Step 2: Pour the Coke

I poured the coke all over my pan. There is some chemical reaction that quickly gets the rust off. This is mostly surface rust, so I could wipe it off after a few minutes. For deeper rust you have to let it sit for longer.

Step 3: Scrub with Foil

The coke loosens all the rust, and the foil takes it off. With just a few scrubs all the rust comes off.

Step 4: Rinse Your Pan

Just rinse the coke and rust off your pan. My hands actually got kinda orange while doing this. I'm not sure why...

Tada! All clean. Instant rust remover.

Look at the difference! Now I can bake again!

Suggested materials:

  • Bottle of coke
  • Tinfoil

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  • Sam
    on Jul 13, 2020

    what was on the pan (if in deed you did not use a new pan for the second pic., looked like cooked on food. the type of pan you showed was aluminium. which does not rust. and... your clip on the side of the pan would have had a lot of scratch marks on it from the foil you used for 'scrubbing'....

    try again....

    • Frances Anderson
      Frances Anderson
      on Feb 26, 2021

      I use this method on garden tools and car wheels and even on break disc parts and rusted on wheel nuts and bolts ... never drank coke since lol figured if it’s chemistry cleans rust off metal or steel won’t have it in my body ... tied this pan and just filled a small bucket placed whole pan in it let it soak over night washed with soapy water and tin foil in morning and came up as new ...

  • Lenora Walker
    Lenora Walker
    on Sep 3, 2020

    Have a small amount of rust starting in the air conditioners drip pan. Can I just pour coke in without trying to mop it up. Let us dry naturally

    • Frances Anderson
      Frances Anderson
      on Feb 26, 2021

      Remove it soak over night and wash it in morning using dish soap and tin foil as a scrubbing pad works on everything else good luck

  • Sandra
    on Feb 25, 2021

    Uumh... the after view does look ‘unbelievably’ clean. Will Diet Coke/Coke Zero work?

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  • Mary
    on Jan 22, 2021

    Oh gosh this is a great tip. Must try it on my garden tools as well.

    thank you.

  • Danny
    on Feb 20, 2021

    Amazing! Must try this out on some bread pans that have rusted. Does this work on cast iron skillets that have also rusted? Great job!

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