The Easiest Rust Remover

I’m a really big fan of rescuing objects, because I don’t believe in throwing things away that still have use in them. Sometimes though you get something and think, “that’s the end of this”, like this rusty pan. But then I found this great tip to remove rust from metal using coke and tinfoil.
Time: 5 MinutesCost: $2Difficulty: Easy
  • the easiest rust remover
Here’s my rusty pan. It's clearly seen too many cheesecakes. I didn't think I could bake with it again.
Step 1: Gather Your Materials
  • the easiest rust remover
All I used was a bottle of coke and a scrunched up piece of tinfoil.
Step 2: Pour the Coke
  • the easiest rust remover
I poured the coke all over my pan. There is some chemical reaction that quickly gets the rust off. This is mostly surface rust, so I could wipe it off after a few minutes. For deeper rust you have to let it sit for longer.
Step 3: Scrub with Foil
  • the easiest rust remover
The coke loosens all the rust, and the foil takes it off. With just a few scrubs all the rust comes off.
Step 4: Rinse Your Pan
  • the easiest rust remover
Just rinse the coke and rust off your pan. My hands actually got kinda orange while doing this. I'm not sure why...
  • the easiest rust remover
Tada! All clean. Instant rust remover.
  • the easiest rust remover
Look at the difference! Now I can bake again!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Bottle of coke
  • Tinfoil