12 Space Saving Hacks for Your Tight Kitchen

Your small kitchen is no match for these awesome, space saving ideas.

By Hometalk Highlights

Install slide out shelves for easy access

A great solution to reach all your stuff in deep cabinets.

Food Storage Container Organization Solved

Convenient storage idea when you have limited space!

Hang a tension rod to save counter space

Counter space is precious in tight kitchens, so hang anything you can.

Add floating shelves for extra space

Take advantage of that bare wall and add more storage space.

Build a small portable kitchen island

Move it where you want to go, and use it for extra storage and counter space.

Organize measuring cups on your cabinet door

Use this clever space saver to make room in your cabinets and keep your measuring equipment on hand.

Build a ledge shelf for everyday items

This saves space and makes your essential items easy to reach.

Add narrow shelves to display your spices

The side of your cabinet is a great place to show off your spices and save room in your pantry.

Or hang spice shelves on your wall

There’s no reason why your array of spices have to be in the pantry.

Turn that panel into a pull-out cabinet

Utilize every space in your kitchen for extra storage.

Add open shelving for a spacious feel

Take off your cabinet doors to feel less cramped in your kitchen.

Hang a vertical junk drawer

Stack small wooden boxes for a thin space to organize your junk.

Add a simple shelf above your stove

It’s the perfect place to store your cooking utensils, and you make extra room.