German Christmas Foil Stars

In Germany this tradition of creating a star Christmas Tree ornament is everywhere. My friend Diane has brought the special foil paper to the USA to create the stars her mother and grandmother taught her as a child in Germany. Star your project with the Rinea foil 2 sided papers in either plain (10 colors) or embossed (10 colors). Use the stencils to help trace your circles to make stars. and cut out. Embossed Colors. Use the stencils to help trace your circles to make stars. and cut out. Here is a video on help understand the supplies needed.
Use Rinea foil for these amazing stars in either embossed or plain 2 sided foil.
Start by tracing out 10 circles for the stars, 5 for 1 half 5 for the other half and in 3 different sizes.
Here is a video to help understand the sizes and how to cut using the stencils.
Here are 5 circles cut out for half of your star using templates 1, 2, and 3 from the stencil. This is on gold, with green on the back side.
Using a pencil use to roll it into a star shape for all the circles. No glue is needed to hold this star in place since the foil paper holds it shape!! This is not aluminum foil, it is special craft foil called Rinea.
Here is a video to help you understand how to roll the circles into star shapes. Here is what each circle looks like when it is done being rolled into a star shape.
Here is what each circle looks like when it is done being rolled into a star shape. Nest 1 star circle into the other with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. One side of the star should have 5 circles nested, repeat the same for the other side using the last 5 star circles.
Here is what the 2 5 circle stars look like after nesting them into each other.
Glue the 2 sides of the star together, using pencils to help push them together. Place a string in between the 2 sides with the glue to give you an ornament that can hang. Here is a pretty
Here is a video on how to glue your star together.
Here are a couple stars in different colors. You can make the stars in various sizes and colors, it all depends on what stencil you use and colors of Rinea foil you use.
You can also use the stars for home decor!!

Suggested materials:

  • Foil Paper  (Rinea Foil)
  • String  (Michaels)
  • Glue  (Michaels)

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  • Kat Rogers
    on Dec 8, 2018

    SO Beautiful & Fun, And doesn't look too difficult (although I haven't seen the video yet). The idea that you simply place one🌟inside another makes it appear easier because it's fewer steps than maybe having to connect ALL OF THOSE LITTLE ROLLED POINTS TOGETHER~ WOW, A Lot Fewer Steps!

    COOL~ I'm Excited, I'm In To It!

    Thanks for sharing this new (to me) idea for FESTIVE STARS (you see, by using the word FESTIVE, You Can Decorate With Them ALL YEAR ROUND, Not Just at Christmas, or other Greeting Card~Appointed Holidays!

  • Joanie
    on Jan 25, 2019

    Oh I remember these stars.......they were beautiful and still are. A memory that hasn't been forgotten. Nothin' prettier!!

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