Dying carpeting?

we have a very dark green carpet in a large dining room. The carpet shows signs of being seconds - as there have been marks in it that look like the color has pulled out. {before it was professionally cleaned} We have the same carpeting in several downstairs room and I am giving up and ready to try anything you readers have an idea about. I have heard of using Rit Dye to recolor rugs/carpeting- does anyone know the process? I'm thinking - whoops- another Thanksgiving with awful marks on the carpet- do I have time to dye it?
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  • Shari Shari on Nov 23, 2013
    I tend to be extremely conservative when it comes to addressing problems that could end up costing me more money in the long run so I would say don't do this on a whim or you may have a bigger mess than you started with. With Thanksgiving just 5 days away, I don't think you should attempt to fix this now. In my opinion, you need to research this very slowly and carefully unless you are prepared to replace the carpet if a DIY dye job fails for any reason. Since the carpet is dark green, you probably should be extra careful in choosing a dye that is right for the fiber content of your carpet. Otherwise, you may end up having dark green dye rub off on the bottoms of your feet, socks etc. Another issue might be getting a good color match and even, consistent color in the dyed areas. Even if you think you want to attempt this yourself, it still might be wise to first call in some professional carpet dyers for their opinion (and while you have them there it wouldn't hurt to get estimates of what it would cost to have this professionally done). That's probably not what you want to hear but that's how I would handle this.
  • Karen M Karen M on Nov 28, 2013
    now past Thanksgiving - grin anyone ever do this? I am so willing to try it out if I get some idea how to do it. If it doesn't work out - new carpet is OK too. Help?
  • Sharon Taft Sharon Taft on Dec 01, 2013
    i have tried this for the same reasons, and didnt turn out to bad except for high traffic areas. But it did cover all those bad spots. i went from white to black, so maybe that you have a dark color already, it might work better. cant promise anything. i used a spray bottle and sprayed it on and then scrubbed it in. small areas at a time.
    • Karen M Karen M on Dec 01, 2013
      @Sharon Taft Thank you - you are the only one that has responded to my question. Can you tell me if you used Rit dye? Hot or cold? in water - how much? Thanks - I think it will be worth trying!!!
  • Kaci Watson Kaci Watson on Dec 01, 2013
    I had light pink *yuck* carpet (free) in a small part of my home. I used Simply Spray Upholstery Paint. I got the idea a couple of years ago from the Today show when Al Roker did a piece on upholstry. =) http://www.sprayitnew.com/ I was going for a burgundy color to match the rest of the room. It worked great. It's not a high traffic area, so not sure how that will hold up. but so far, so good! I paid about $11 a can and used maybe 3 cans http://www.simplyspray.com/product/simply-spray-upholstery-fabric-paint/ Hope this helps?
  • Karen M Karen M on Dec 01, 2013
    Yes this does help! Good old Al R - He was from Cleveland near here for years - had lunch with him and others just before he left town for DC! Thank you much for this - the carper is not only in our big dining room but our parlor too- it couldn't be worse then what i am looking at and I love adventures!
  • Sandy Quigley Sandy Quigley on Dec 01, 2013
    Please let me know how this works out, I have been wanting to do the same with berber in carmel or choc colors, good luck and I would like to see results :)
  • Karen M Karen M on Dec 01, 2013
    I think I better be taking the before shots so the afters will make sense!
  • Sharon Taft Sharon Taft on Dec 01, 2013
    i used rit dye with boiling water and salt. a box at a time, and a small spray bottle. very messy, and have to unclog the spray bottle a few times. i did this about 6 months ago and even in the high traffic areas it still looks pretty good. was one of them things were it couldnt look any worse lol. hope it works out well for ya, let me know how it turns out if ya do!