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Wrapping With Thrifted Scarves

I stood in front of a bin of knitted scarves at Goodwill one day, wondering how I could upcycle them into some fantastic something-or-other to take advantage of their beautiful patterns
Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $1.00 Difficulty: Easy
With some very minimal sewing, I found it was quite easy to turn 2-ply knit scarves into gift bags of all kinds, but wine bags in particular.
You start by cutting a section of the scarf to the length that you want your final gift back. If you want to make a wine bag, cut it about 15-16" long.
Sew one end shut (that's the bottom).
[in my blog post, I have some specific directions on how to quickly make your bottom more fitted and flat in order to hold its contents better.]
Hem the other end (that's the top).
The red ones are my absolute favorite. String a couple of pom poms and wrap them around the top and you're good to go!

Materials used for this project:

  • 2-ply knit scarf   (thrift store)
  • Thread   (fabric store)

To see more: http://adirondackgirlatheart.com/2016/12/last-minute-wrapping-thrifted-scarves.html

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