Drink up! Here's 14 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Glass Bottles

Great excuses to drink that last bottle of beer!

By Hometalk Highlights

Hang them upside down as hummingbird feeders

Grab a copper coil wire to strongly tie it and wire hooks to add embellishment.

Decorate them for Valentine’s day

Set the mood with dark wine bottles with some tracing paper, hot glue and spray paint. Hm, darkly delicious.

Turn them into grungy, cool candle holders

Wrap twine around the bottle, light the string on fire, then dump it in an ice bucket. It’ll come right off!

Hang them up as the grooviest wind chimes

Spray paint old beer bottles silver and drizzle shades of unicorn spit down the front. Too cool!

Line them up as gorgeous pathway lights

Weigh the bottles down with copper, add LED lights, cut the corks and voila. Stairway to heaven!

Transform them into oil candles

Grab a spare beer bottle, add lamp oil, a wick and a ceramic wick holder for this boho lighting idea.

Wrap them in twine to make a pretty planter

Wash the labels off of old vinegar bottles, wrap birch bark around them, then add twine & flowers.

Or color block them so they’re even prettier

Wrap painters tape around the bottle, and paint in color of choice. Too cute.

Or speckle them with gold polka dots

For a more wintery floral display of bare branches, use a sauce bottle and decoupage gold paper dots.

Use them as frosty Christmas decor

Repurpose a frosted wine bottle for a gorgeous centerpiece. Apply decals, add lights and voila!

Rewire them as cool end table lamps

Clean out a milk bottle,drill a hole in the bottle, add the wiring and wrap in burlap for fun.

Refit them into your wall as stunning sconces

Drill brackets into wood planks, add foliage to the bottles, then hang the sconce on the wall.

Reuse them as gorgeous backyard decor

Use a glass cutter to carve out a groove, then fit wood decor, on chain or twine, to get this wind chime.

Reimagine them as fuzzy seasonal decor

Wrap a large glass bottle in colorful twine to match the jollity of the season.