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I’m addicted to all things rustic & farmhouse style, it’s true. So when my kitchen wall was a blank, white slate, I recycled some old bottles to create these stunning rustic wall hangings that can easily be rearranged and restyled for the passing seasons. Collect your tools, and let’s get started! There are lots of little odds and ends for this project, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s a simple process, and the total cost of supplies for each complete piece is under $10! Granted, I had most of this lying around my house - as a good DIYer, I’m sure you do as well. You can use any sort of recycled bottle or mason jar! And if you aren't feeling ambitious today, follow the link at the end of the article to shop this look in my etsy!

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Here’s what you need (per complete piece):

1 empty wine bottle

1 piece of 1x8 pine wood, cut to 18”

copper or galvanized pipe hanger strap

4 screws - I used 5/8”



Straight aviation snips

Paint/stain of your choice


Sawtooth hanger

Measuring tape

Work gloves

Baking soda & coconut oil (if you need to remove the labels from your bottle)

Step 1: Wash & prep your bottles. If the labels are still on your bottle, you’ll need to remove them. Through some trial & error, I’ve found a fairly quick & simple way to get those sticky little guys off! First, soak your bottles in a sink full of hot water & dish soap for at least 5 minutes. Use a dish scraper to peel off the paper portion of the label - the sticky glue will probably remain.

Once the paper is all gone, mix one part baking soda to one part melted coconut oil and rub the mixture onto the glue residue. Using a rough sponge & soapy water, you should now be able to easily scrub away the glue! I used 1 Tbsp. of each ingredient and had plenty to clean 4 bottles.

Pro tip: Baking soda + coconut oil is the best remedy for almost any sticky situation! There’s a chance I once spilled polyurethane on my hands - and this concoction removed it instantly. Plus it’s safe and natural!

Step 2: Cut an 18 inch piece of 1x8” pine. I planned to make six of these decorations since I had collected six bottles, so I purchased a 10 foot board at Menards and cut out six pieces at 18” each. If you don’t have a saw at home, ask your hardware store to make the cuts for you!

Now paint or stain the wood to the color you desire. Go crazy here! Think about your space and which color or stain will best suit the room. You’ll see in the pictures that I chose to create 2 different finishes to pair with the different colors of glass bottles. Some of the boards I stained with a mixture of Minwax Dark Walnut and Classic Gray. I love this combination of colors! Adding gray to a rich color like walnut helps achieve that worn, weathered look. Apply with a foam brush, let sit for 5-10 minutes, and wipe off with a soft rag. When the stain dried, I lightly sanded the edges of the board with fine grit sandpaper to give a worn look.

To finish the remaining boards, I first applied a thin, incomplete coat of white chalk paint. I lightly sanded the boards with 120 grit sandpaper after the paint was dry. Finally, I applied a coat of Classic Gray stain & quickly wiped it back off the boards. I love this technique! It’s a quick way to achieve an aged, chippy paint look. Here's what my boards looked like in the end - on the left, you see the board that was only stained, and the right was painted & stained.

Step 4: Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of the board. Trust me, you want to do this step now! It is much easier to nail the hanger to the board before you’ve attached your bottle to the front. Flip your board over and measure 1 inch from the top and 3 5/8” inches from the sides (1x8” boards are actually only 7 1/4 inches wide, so you are finding the center of the board.) Make a small mark. Center the hanger over your mark & nail into place.

Step 5: Attach the wine bottle to the front of your board! Be patient with this step - it’s important to make sure that you get the straps securely fastened so the bottle won’t slip out. Also, please slip on some sturdy work gloves as the metal strap can be very sharp on the edges. Using the snips, cut two 10” pieces of pipe hanger strap and flatten out each piece. You can find this stuff in the plumbing section at your local hardware store! (Please do not try to cut the strap with anything besides snips -this stuff is hard and you need the right tools!)

Mark your board & pre-drill small holes where you plan to mount the straps. I placed the straps at 4 and 6 inches from the bottom of the board, and the screws were 2” from each side of the board. (PLEASE NOTE: These measurements are based on the fact that my bottles were a fairly standard size with a circumference of approx. 9 inches. Before you start drilling, verify that these measurements will work for your selected bottle and adjust if necessary.)

Bend each piece of strap at the third hole from the ends. Using your screws, attach each strap securely to the board, but do not tighten the screws all the way.

Once your straps are mounted, slide your bottle down into the straps and check to see how much you need to tighten the screws so the bottle fits snugly. Carefully tighten everything up and you are good to go! (I often remove my bottle while tightening the screws so my drill is not hitting the bottle. You should be able to carefully wiggle the bottle back into the tightened straps at the end.)

Fill with your favorite flowers, candles, or other seasonal decor and enjoy!

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Suggested materials:
  • 1x8" Pine board
  • Screws
  • Wine Bottles
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  • Bh.10110350 Bh.10110350 on Nov 02, 2016
    would it help? or "not really necessary" to also glue bottle to the board....?
  • Carolyn Noyer Carolyn Noyer on Nov 13, 2016
    Is there anything else that I can use other than the metal straps? They really don't appeal to me. (For instance a small shelf to sit the bottle on and something around the neck to keep it balanced? )
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  • Marti Bradish Marti Bradish on Jun 11, 2018

    I'm just curious, why do you need to clean the label off the wine bottle using baking soda and coconut oil? Any cheaper priced oil will work. Coconut oil is a bit pricey. The baking soda (any brand name) is definitely a plus to get the label off. But any cheaper oil works very well. No need to spend more$$to do this craft

  • Renata Renata on Apr 17, 2019

    These are kool. But at the price of coconut oil I'll use my googone. Lol

    • Fran Fran on Jan 14, 2023

      That’s what I use. Works great!