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Timmy the Topiary Turtle

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I was at Lowe's yesterday, saw a wire hanging basket upside down and thought to myself, "That looks like a turtle shell"...
timmy the topiary turtle
Along with a wire hanging basket, you'll need landscape fabric, chicken wire, four small pots, paddle wire, potting soil, and plants.
Begin by removing the hanging chain.
timmy the topiary turtle
Remove the liner.
Place the basket upside down onto 2 pieces of landscape fabric.
Trace outer edge of basket and cut circle.
timmy the topiary turtle
Lay the basket upside down onto a piece of chicken wire.
Cut the chicken wire the width of the basket.
(I laid the chicken wire onto a piece of landscape fabric so you could see the chicken wire)
timmy the topiary turtle
Place the liner into the basket
Fill with potting soil.

timmy the topiary turtle
Place the circle of landscape fabric over the potting soil.
Place the chicken wire over the landscape fabric.
Cut away the excess chicken wire leaving a 1" edge
timmy the topiary turtle
Bend the edges of the chicken wire around the edge of the wire basket to secure the chicken wire.
timmy the topiary turtle
To add the pots (feet) place all four pots onto the chicken wire to determine where they will be attached.
Using 2 long pieces of paddle wire, twist onto a section of chicken wire.
Thread the end of the long pieces through the hole in the pot.
Take each of the four pieces around the pot and twist onto the chicken wire to secure (as shown in the photo)
timmy the topiary turtle
Turn the basket around so it's standing on the pots (feet).
To make the head, fold a piece of chicken wire into a tube.
Close one end by bending the chicken wire onto itself.
Place landscape fabric into the tube.
Fill with potting soil.
Close the end by bending the chicken wire onto itself.
Using paddle wire, attach the head onto the shell.
timmy the topiary turtle
Using a scissors cut holes in the liner where you will be adding plants.
timmy the topiary turtle
Carefully add one plant into each hole working around the basket.
timmy the topiary turtle
For the head, cut holes into the chicken wire and then landscape fabric.
Carefully add a plant into each hole.
timmy the topiary turtle
Water thoroughly. After a few weeks, your turtle's shell will be covered in color.

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Suggested materials:

  • Wire hanging basket  (Lowe's)
  • Landscape fabric  (Lowe's)
  • Chicken wire  (Lowe's)
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  • Chrispy
    on Jun 23, 2018

    just the instructions I am looking for...NOW I will get this cutie done. Thanks to everyone. I will post picture when finished.

  • Diantha Hawkins Henry
    on Jul 23, 2018

    I'm wondering if you can use washers attached to wires inside his feet so the wires don't show.

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