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I was at the Goodwill store I saw a long box thing on legs ,the lid came up ,and slid back out of the way at the same time. It was only $5.00 I did a little happy dance I knew what it would be when I got home. I made a rolling beverage cooler for summer party time. It was a rolling file cabinet on legs.
As you lift the lid it slides back and out of the way . It has a handle you just can't see it ,black on black and dappled light it won't show up.
I had left over pieces of insolating foam sheeting I measures and cut 6 pieces
Starting with the 4 side pieces, the 2 long side pieces are set in then the 2 ends are cut and slid into place they hold all the sides in place the bottom has 2 holes in it. I kept the holes in place. I had 2 hard plastic straws that I pushed into the holes after the bottom piece was in place, you will need to push up from the bottom so you hit the holes then just use the straw to make the opening in the bottom foam sheet. My pieces were just that left over pieces so the bottom of my beverage cooler needed 2 pieces to cover the bottom.
Do you see the straws pushing up in the foam sheet? This will drain away the water as the ice melts.  
This is foil covered bubble wrap I just had a scrap of it. I cut it up to use in other projects.
I cut to fit the inside of the beverage cooler
I used some Dollar Tree clips to hold it all in place Then just slid it in on top of the foam liner
So it looks like this If my insulating sheet was in a large piece and I could have cut all the pieces I needed so they fit in place with no gaps. I would not have done this step. I felt this would help hold the ice longer with out melting to fast. Well this is on my back deck all ready for The 4th  the top slides back and down at the end I used some floor tile pieces I glued down with E600 glue. I did this because it's all black I wanted to lighten it up a little .I did not have the extra  floor tile pieces I would have painted it a nice green well just put in 2 bags of ice and your beverage's. I have had ice in this thing for some days after the party.
These are the things I used for this project. insulated sheet knife to cut the sheets pieces tape measure rubber tubing or hard plastic straws to put in drain holes and these clips I got at the Dollar Tree and for me I made a inner liner from a piece of foil covered bubble wrap. I did this step just because I did not have great pieces of insulating sheeting. I worked with just all left overs. You can get big sheets of this insulation at Lowes I think it might be $10 or 12 dollars. I play this game with my self to try to do my project with my thrift store find and price then do my magic with the thing I have at home .
This is the completed beverage cooler. I propped the top up a little so you could see in. As I said the top slides back.
This is it with a little tub to catch the ice run off as it melts and run's down the tubing This area is shades by a Pergola You pop in 2 bags of ice and your beverages. in our Oregon weather it will take days for the ice to melt.  I saw at Kmart last summer a beverage cooler on legs  for around $200 I did my project for $5.00

Suggested materials:

  • File cabinet on legs incolating sheet pieces  (Goodwill /and DollerTree)
  • Foil covered bubble wrap clips from Dollar Tree E600 clear glue  (Walmart)

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2 questions
  • Jeannie.mcquaid
    on Jul 12, 2017

    Great project....hmmmm, now where do I find an antique rolling file cabinet???
    • Trish F
      on Jul 12, 2017

      This isn't an 'antique' they are still used in small offices all over the place. Look in places that sell used office equipment as well as resale shops like Salvation Army, Goodwill or local ones in your area.
  • Demetrius singleton
    on Jul 15, 2017

    my garage is very hot ,can this product be used to koolit
    • Jewellmartin
      on Aug 3, 2017

      @AngieWaldner. I think you did a great job. Using things you have on hand is a both practical and creative. Why spend $10-15 on insulation which no one will see, when you have pieces that will do the job, for free? Best wishes 😇

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  • Angie Waldner
    on Aug 30, 2017

    Wow you just made my day You did a wonderful job .Did you have fun doing it? It takes a village, Crafter village that is ,to do or re do some wonderful things. My Husband is in the hospital after heart surgery I will tell him of your great land fill rescue project
  • Millies_mom47
    on Sep 5, 2017

    Just a note - I would've used the tape they use to seal H-vac heating pipes at the joints. I think if you used that on the corners of the foil lined bubble wrap you wouldn't have to use the dollar store clips and it would seal the bubble wrap even more and help it keep it's shape longer. I love this idea hope I can find one of these cabinets and fix it up for next summer, since the seasons almost over.
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