15 Inexpensive Tricks To Help You Landscape (Without Stressing Out!)

Take the stress out of landscaping your property with these hacks!

By Hometalk Highlights

Pull Out Weeds For Paving Rocks

Remove the weeds, line rocks into the border area, and break up the soil with a hand tiller.

Lay Down Landscaping Fabric For An Oasis

Decide on the area where you want the pool to go, lay down the fabric, and cover with smoothed stepping stones.

Distribute A Paver Base In A Grid

Measure out the area, excavate the dirt down, and lay down the paver base to be covered by fabric.

Install A Water Feature In 3 Hours

Uproot any ugly shrubs, thread the gurglers through, and hook the hose to the pump.

Form A Foundation For Plants

Dig up poor soil and replace with better topsoil, then put down plants with shallower root systems.

Haul Lumps Of Grass For A Pond

Remove the lumps of grass from the pond, move rocks, and install a new liner.

Build A Waterfall Up A Slope

Determine the natural flow the water will be following and dig out 22’.

Transform Your Backyard Into Paradise

Use Techo-Bloc wall stone, build a steep slope, and install a swim-up pool topped with granite.

Construct A Beautiful Bridge

Fill up the pond with koi fish, and hammer in a small bridge to cross the pond.

Dig Out Your Land For A Flagstone Patio

Level the desired space for the patio, remove weeds, and lay down the flagstone.

Use Rocks, Not Mulch For A Professional Look

Rake out the mulch, cut out holes for the plants, and put down river rocks.

Build A Private Patio With Sails

Clear and level down the area, then hook the windsails up high.

Properly Prepare Your Soil For Sod

Have a sufficient irrigation system to provide moisture and remove grass or weeds.

Turn On LED Colored Light For Your Koi Pond

Screw in the LED lights before filling up the pond and surround with planter boxes.

Chop Down Branches For The Butterflies

Uproot pesky bushes, and match your soil type with flowers that are known to attract butterflies.