Old Harwood Floor Redo

4 Materials
5 Hours

Hi there!

It is only my second post here, since I'm a french speaking person and it asks me a lot of time to write in English!

My hardwood floor has been redone over 10 years ago, but with 3 young kids (and sometimes even 5!!) and a big dog, they needed some love and care!

I was planning of taking care of them in the next few months (I already started a lot of projects : bunk beds for my grand-sons, my office, my stairs, my dinning room table and my kitchen cabinets!!) But last night, we had an accident : we broke a full glass of red wine and I couldn't make the stain go away!!

This morning, I decided the war was about to start between my floor and myself. I'm proud to say : I am about to win this battle!! :)

Here's some pictures of damaged spots : red wine and scratches :

Red wine spilded on hardwood floor
Scratches and water mess on hardwood floore
I tried to sand away all the scratches with a sanding paper 60 grade. Didn't work fast enough for me so I went to the store and bought 40 grade.

Sanding away the mess!
I didn't hesitate to use some plastic wood on the most damaged spots. Than I sanded everything another time. After the vacuum, I washed the floor with as less water as possible. Let it dry for at least an hour.

I started to put varnish on my sanded floor. I used Sam An Water-based Varnish
gloss with a good brush.

I did the first 2 coats, than sanded it again but with 120 grade. Add a third coat. As per Sam An notice, 3 coats should be enough... But I prefer to add a fourth coat just to be sure!
Finished look!
I only did a section of my floor for less than$20. I'll be away from home for the next weeks and I'll be finishing my hard-floor restoration when I'll return.

I added 4 tablespoons of Water-based Wood Stain Whitewashed in the 945 ml varnish so my floor would be a bit whitish...

Can't wait to see the complete results! I'll post new pictures as soon as I am done!

Who said we absolutely have to give this job to a pro? Not me. :)

Suggested materials:

  • SamaN Waterbased Varnish gloss  (https://ardec.ca/en/p/389/saman-waterbased-varnish)
  • Sanding paper grade 40  (Local hardware store)
  • Sanding paper grade 120  (Local hardware store)
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