Dog chewed up "his side" of French door!

How to refurbish without replacing door - all the dog guards and balloons haven't worked with him. I just want to patch up the door - is there a vinyl wrap of sorts? Handyman (maybe not so handy?) doesn't know??

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 09, 2017
    Screw a piece of white plastic to the door.........
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    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 09, 2017
      sorry I did the answer instead of reply. otherwise well trained dog - a therapy dog actually sometimes not for me LOL. that's his worse bad habit -
  • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 09, 2017
    he chews the plastic - after the door gets fixed will do!
  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Oct 09, 2017
    Can't answer re the door but get some Bitter Apple for the chewing dog. Spritz it anywhere he wants to chew. If he's really bad, you can spritz it in his mouth when you catch him in the act. I'd also suggest you get a proper size kennel for him when you're not home.
    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 10, 2017
      I can't do that we are a registered therapy team - he's NOT bad - this is ONE BAD HABIT - I want to refurbish the whole door & then put the plastic guard back on. These dogs are too smart to let you see them it's when you're gone they tend to chew.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 09, 2017
    I used hot pepper sauce sprayed on the spots a puppy liked to chew in the past and it worked(it was an antique coffee table). Eventually, actually pretty quickly, he stopped chewing. I did keep it up for a few days just in case. Crating an adult dog that isn't crate trained is cruel and unusual punishment and will drive them crazy, especially a dog that is used as a therapy dog.
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    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 10, 2017
      Sorry I didn't say - it is the French door that leads to the all seasons where he can watch U-verse when I'm gone - the dog door is where the outside door is so he can come & go!
  • B. Enne B. Enne on Oct 09, 2017
    I am trying to picture the damage. Our patio door had problems with the vinyl at the bottom. One split, so I replaced it with a piece of aluminum and that did the trick.
  • Toolpro Toolpro on Oct 09, 2017
    If it is a wood door you can lay the wood flat and use Minwax two part wood repair to fill on areas. Make it as smooth as possible for minimal sanding before painting. Cover the door/area with plexiglass screwed from side to side perhaps 36" high or higher if needed. You can take it off when you no longer have the dog. If if is a metal door the dog has chewed on, God bless you, but I think the two part filler will work on it too. Or buy a car filler to make repairs.
    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 10, 2017
      Previous owners attached a frame to the wood the NOW finished room was just a screened in porch. So you are making me think; the damaged frame could be detached? and then replaced or leave the original wood side exposed. Then would need to work on dog guard or spray all over again!
      Please don't nobody tell me to PULL his teeth - LOL
  • Metal kickplates - typically seen on restaurant kitchen doors or high traffic areas.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 10, 2017
    The only white plastic wrap I can think of is Contact self adhesive plastic.
    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 10, 2017
      Wed tried that and it got demolished as well as the on-line heavy plastic dog guard, as well as vinyl gutter.
  • Laura Pettit Laura Pettit on Oct 10, 2017
    Sounds like a tough persistent dog. Metal kickplates should work 😉
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 10, 2017
    Perhaps a dog door in the French door would still be a good idea so he can go out to the all season porch when he wants to watch the critters and life going by. If he is going after the inner door, he obviously wants out to the porch.
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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 10, 2017
      Once upon a time we had a puppy that insisted on chewing on the leg of an antique coffee table. I painted it with full strength hot sauce and it did the trick. I continued to keep it on the leg until a few days had passed that he hadn't tried to chew it. He never chewed on anything wood after that! Not even sticks until he was about three years old.
  • Margiebirds Margiebirds on Oct 10, 2017
    Wow! I can truly understand your pain! We rescued a dog that seemed perfect! She was easy to train and we bonded with her very quickly. She was BIG - golden retriever/chow mix. She created her own French doors by chewing off the bottom of any doors that stood in the way of her interaction with the neighborhood children. (The kids would come to the door asking if Shawnee could come out to play. If we were not at home she just chewed the doors apart so she could go visit.) We replaced the wooden doors with metal doors but she literally pulled the steel away from the doors. What a mess! Blood was everywhere as she had cut her gums on the steel. She even learned to open a locked glass/metal sliding patio door. She even pulled out the kitchen drawers and was able to use those drawers as a ladder to climb to the kitchen counter where she opened the widow over the kitchen sink, pushed out the window screen and then went to visit the kids. We tried an expensive chain-link dog run, which she was able to twist apart. We tried an even more expensive dog run made of wrought iron fencing. But she managed to squeeze through the bars. I still cannot imagine how hard it must have been, and how much it must have hurt to get through that small space. We even got a smaller dog for her to have as a companion. She chewed the wooded fence and the gates. We repaired and replaced many doors and much fencing during her lifetime, but she was perfect in every other way. LOL The neighbors loved her. Even the neighbor who was terrified of dogs loved her. We had her over 12 years. It nearly killed me to have her put to sleep when she became paralyzed due to spinal disease. I helped her get outside using a sling until she became completely incontinent and was in too much pain to have any quality of life. It has been 15 years since she died, and I still weep at times, thinking of how much I miss her.

    Our solution: After about four years we finally found one way to keep her from chewing up the doors and fences. My mother-in-law moved in with us and kept Shawnee company all day. And if the kids came to play, dear Mom-in-Law would open the door for her.
    • Pat16265006 Pat16265006 on Oct 11, 2017
      I'm sorry - Shawnee is certainly in heaven waiting for her family (in due time) - she really loved her earth family! My dog is always with me as I work at home - but there are times I have to go w/out him. Thanks for your loving story and support!
  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Oct 10, 2017
    I have a therapy dog certified by Therapy Dogs International. I also have a Service Dog to assist me with balance. There are NO "rules" that one can't use proven training methods or utilize a kennel!

    Bitter apple is merely that - apple liquid from bitter apples. Natural, just tastes yucky. Regardless.

    Using a proper sized kennel is currently one of the most effective training/safety methodologies and has been in use/recommended for decades. I have no clue where you would get the idea that either of these things "aren't allowed".

    Perhaps giving them more time merely playing with you, being part of the family or/and having time to run freely will solve the issue. And of course, having things available to them thaethae that are appropriate to chew.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 29, 2020

    Hello again,

    To fix the door, maybe a piece of metal should be attached to the door - Possibly Aluminium or Stainless steel. Maybe if the dog could see you, Safety glass might help or perhaps a companion for the dog! They do love the company. If they hear noises, they naturally want to get out and investigate..........

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