Fleas off a kitten

I can't afford a vet and it's too young for other OTC remedies. Tia

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  • Shirah Shirah on Oct 24, 2017
    Hi Sabrena, you can sprinkle nutritional yeast on the kitty's food. Or put it right on the fir and work it through. Fleas do not like yeast. I have been doing this for years with my cat, he is 16 now and never had a flea. I now feed him Rachel Ray cat food, the yeast is already in it.
  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 24, 2017
    Bathe it in water and Dawn. Then, sprinkle salt on your floors and leave over night, vacuum and toss the bag. For a while, put a flat dish like an aluminum pie pan under a night light in a room where the kit can't get to it. Fill it 1/2 way with water and a few drops of Dawn. The warm water will draw them in and they will drown. Then start her/him on a crushed brewers yeast tablet in the food. This makes their blood "yukky" to the taste. Hope these help.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 24, 2017
    Nit combs like the ones you use on head lice will help and will help the kitten get used to regular brushing. Check with your local animal shelter to see what they use on the little kittens and puppies they get in that have fleas. I an sure they use some kind of safe method for them when they are too young to treat them with the usual shampoos and dips. Years ago Suave used to have an orange shampoo and conditioner that killed fleas really quickly, I used it on a small dog I had that had allergies to fleas and could bathe her weekly with it. Of Course they discontinued it. It had some kind of pyrethrum in it. It was gentle and did not dry her skin out. She was long haired, so I also used the conditioner too.
  • Lmlahlum Lmlahlum on Oct 24, 2017
    Don't use a flea collar, whatever you do! Use flea shampoo. That is what the shelter gave us to use on our newly adopted kitten, who was smaller than my hand. (I forget her age: 2-3 months?). Read the labels at the store, make sure it is suitable for kittens. Get a flea comb at the same time. You will use the shampoo several times, to kill fleas at various points in their life cycle.
  • 27524803 27524803 on Oct 24, 2017
    A flea bath will be a lot cheaper than a Vet... there are some that are okay for young kittens... Dawn dish soap will work , just rinse really well, and comb out with a flea comb after to get them all.
    The bigger problem is the kittens surroundings if the fleas are there they will just jump right back on . Treat the house, Spray or bomb to get the adults. Treat the carpet... use Borax.. sprinkle on carpet, brush in with a broom, etc. leave 3-4 days and vacuum (this dehydrates the eggs, so they don't hatch, larvae too) ..the bath will treat the cat, along with a daily flea combing (drop fleas into a bowl of water with dish soap in it).....Treat the yard, if your kitty will be going outside. Be prepared to do it again if needed...
    It is a sad fact, but there are areas where fleas just thrive and controlling them is a daily battle.
    Good luck with your new kitty...she or he will be worth the effort in love.
  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Oct 24, 2017
    What happens if your kitten gets sick?
  • Eca12349903 Eca12349903 on Oct 24, 2017
    wash your kitten with Dawn dish soap

  • Beverly Winquist Beverly Winquist on Oct 24, 2017
    Try PetMed.Com
    Be sure & mention your kitten's age when asking your question. You have to be careful what is used for fleas on such a young kitten
  • Barb Barb on Oct 24, 2017
    Dawn dish soap baths help lather them up and wash them off just not every day they may get dry skin . You will have to give it a few baths once a week for a month maybe even. don't get the soap in the eyes hold the head back to prevent that .If you have a fine comb use it to get the eggs out of the fur go easy as kittens are very little and have tender skin just like a baby . Be sure and keep the room warm you don't want the kitten to get sick from having cold air after a bath on it .
    But you will also have to vac the house and furniture if you have a lot of flees then toss the bag or dump the container out in the trash . Remember flee eggs may hatch so do the vac every day for a while . Hope this helps flees carry a lot of thing and people can get sick from them as well as the kittens .
  • Lisa Lisa on Oct 25, 2017
    Get a tiny flea comb from pet store and comb the kitten and then rinse the comb off with vinegar to kill the fleas.
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