How to clean glass shower doors?

How to clean the scale and water calcium buildup on clear glass shower doors

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 23, 2018
    white vinegar and water dab of blue dawn dish soap and a dab of jet dry, spray and use mr. Clean Magic eraser and a squeeze
  • Susie Susie on Jan 23, 2018
    I've tried lots of different things to clean my glass shower doors. The best way I've found is using a Brillo pad, then rinse immediately with warm water. Also, the last person showering is responsible for using a squeegee to remove water from the doors.
  • Nun32489822 Nun32489822 on Jan 23, 2018
    cillit bang with limescale remover eric
  • Mas32150642 Mas32150642 on Jan 23, 2018
    Vinegar,water and a stiff brush.
  • Rymea Rymea on Jan 23, 2018
    Try a razor blade scraper.
  • Jen Jen on Jan 23, 2018
    After a year of trying to keep our doors clean and mold free I told my husband - TAKE THEM OUT!!! Total pain....we now have a shower curtain and much happier!
  • Shelley Aguilar Shelley Aguilar on Jan 23, 2018
    I found Lime Away and a magic eraser do the trick. Rinse after rubbing.
  • G G on Jan 23, 2018
    I live in FL so we have very hard water. The house we bought was only 7 yrs old but I don’t think anyone ever cleaned the shower doors. I though the glass was etched on purpose. I tried all of the above & the only thing that worked for me was vinga, little water & blue dawn dish soap. It has to be the blue one. Spray it on & with a paint scraper scrap it off. You might have to do it more than once to soften it up. Afterwards I cleaned I put a coat of rainx like you use on your car windows so the scrum doesn’t stick. No it doesn’t make the shower slick. We use a screege & I clean & treat again every 6 mos. has worked for 10 yrs now.
    Spray vinegar. If nothing works, consider a Decorative Window Film. has one called RAIN that would be beautiful.
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