What can u do to help your animals stop pea on the carpet .

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  • What animals do you have? Train them is the best method. If young, they Ned to go out every couple of hours. See if these help.

    If you have a cat, their box needs to be scooped at least twice daily and thoroughly cleaned once a week.

    There are 6 cats, 6 dogs, a canary and a dragon in my house, I deal with a lot of poop. Training is the only way to go!

  • Jude Jude on Feb 04, 2018
    AWWW! I want a Dragon! Actually, I want more than one dog, I'd love a few kittens but my hubby says one rescue at a time. DAMN!
    • Stick to one or two pets at a time - my vet bills are outrageous. I can only handle 3 pets at a time for vet visits. All mine are rescues or hand me downs from those that have passed on. One general cat and dog vet, one cat only vet, a bird vet and a reptile vet. Standard office visit is around $50 each plus vaccines or treatment. Makes traveling difficult as I need someone to come in and stay at the house, not cheap. The dragon is totally cool, I had never had one and had to learn how to take care of him, but he is a lot of fun!
  • MBJarrell MBJarrell on Feb 04, 2018
    I have 6 cats & have found, as Naomie said, training is key! But, in my yrs of doing rescues I've found that using a combo of vinegar & cayenne pepper seems to keep them from doing it again. Also, as was mentioned, make sure to let doggies out every cpl of hrs or so, & for kitties make sure litter box is emptied often. Mine r all older cats so I make sure they can get in/out of box easy as well. I usually shampoo once every 6 mos or so to get any remaining smells out with a pet friendly deodorizer. Hope this helps!
    • I have carpet in my house too and have it cleaned every 3 months, have been using the same guy for 25 years, love him, kinda part of the family. If I had my druthers, the entire house would be hardwood, but hard for pets to traverse as they age, so carpets it is. . .
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 04, 2018
    Use Puppy Pants?
  • Erin Erin on Feb 04, 2018
    If you have dogs, two at a time is the way to go. That way your home doesn’t feel so empty when one passes. Plus they play together which is fun to watch!
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 06, 2018
    This might come out wrong but it's not meant to upset anyone. First and foremost, say goodbye to your carpet. Second take them to be trained,which I know can be hard and sad sometimes because you have to be strict,but it's best for everyone involved. Prepare yourself to have to go more then once to these classes if you don't follow through at home. It's no different then raising a child,if you laugh when they do something unexceptable they continue to do it so no matter how cute it is or they are you must reprimand them so you don't encourage bad behavior. Once they know who is in charge, they will be fine. But you must set the tone,and follow through. As for carpet no matter how much you have it cleaned the plywood underneath is stained and forever ruined so you must remove carpet paint floor with kilz and then you can put down new flooring. Trust me the stains come back the smell is awful and unfortunately pet owners get used to the odor but a guest can smell it so sorry. So just having it cleaned constantly won't solve a thing.
  • MBJarrell MBJarrell on Feb 07, 2018
    Yes Naomie my house is all tile & hardwood floors except in the bedrooms. My cats don't seem to have too much trouble on the floors & it is funny to watch them slide if they're playing & take a curve too fast. Lol Hopefully within the next yr we'll have tile or hardwood in bedrooms as well! I need to find a good cleaning guy like u have.