Redoing a room with original floors not leveled, suggestions needed.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 10, 2018
    what is on the floor now?
    • Vera Corbin Vera Corbin on Apr 10, 2018
      House is 100 years old. It has wood floors and had carpet on top. The walls and ceiling has shiplap. Want to do it quick and easy if possible.
  • Itzy Itzy on Apr 10, 2018
    You need to put down new subflooring
    5/8" tongue and groove. If real uneven you will need to remove original floor.
  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Apr 10, 2018
    Would probably need to get under house to see what issues there are that made it unlevel. Might need to have it jacked!
  • William William on Apr 10, 2018
    Floors will need to be leveled. Old house has settled over time. You can check if it has stopped and see if any structural problems exist. Otherwise you can level the floors with a floor leveling compound then glue and screw new plywood to get a flat level floor.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 10, 2018
    the wood floor will have to be leveled first, then you can install vinyl planking or laminate