Asked on Aug 5, 2018

Suggestions for squirrel deterrents?

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How do you stop squirrels from taking tomatoes from my patio tomato plant? I had lots of blossoms but as soon as the fruit starts to grow it is gone.

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  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Aug 5, 2018

    Hi Donna,

    Click here for an article with some ideas about how to keep squirrels away from your tomatoes or "deal with them". You'll laugh when you read one at the bottom of the list. :) Wishing you the best!

  • Rose Broadway
    Rose Broadway
    on Aug 5, 2018

    Donna, I found two popular videos that seem to cover your problem. If these don't work, let me know and I'll do some more looking!

  • Donald Mowry
    Donald Mowry
    on Aug 5, 2018

    Live trap? 22 rifle?

  • Dbo21385158
    on Aug 5, 2018

    I've seen where people will sprinkle human hair clippings around the plants that they don't want squirrels or rabbits to eat or harm. You can get all the hair clippings from a hair salon. Just ask them to save some up for you. Another one that I heard was moth balls. Squirrels hate the smell of them. You can also purchase fake owls, hawks.....birds of prey and mount them nearby. Like......."Scarecrows".

    • Donna Potvin
      Donna Potvin
      on Aug 5, 2018

      Thank you so much for all the suggestions. It is too late this year but I will remember for next.

  • Hi Donna, I have them here in Ca too. They are huge pests! We have tried repellents ( they don't work ), hot pepper flakes and traps caught a rat. Now we are spraying vegetables and flowers with water, dish soap hot pepper flakes and Tabasco sauce the very hot one you can find. Seemed to work so far this week. I did not know squirrels like to portuluca plants. Each time flowers bloom next day their gone. Caught one sitting in plant eating away. Want them gone!!

    • Donna Potvin
      Donna Potvin
      on Aug 5, 2018

      Thanks for the tip. Like you I have tried most of the things you have previously done. I will now try your newest mixture. I don't like to be cruel but........

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