Any ideas for my Sewing Machine?


I have a Singer Slant-needle sewing machine. It keeps tangling underneath. The top stitches look fine. But only does about 5 stitches and then it is clogged Up. No local Machine repair shop. Any ideas?

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  • Beth Beth on Aug 14, 2018

    Although I have a different brand of machine, these are the reasons for that, listed in my manual: (1) the bobbin thread is incorrectly installed; (2) the bobbin (the metal casing itself in the machine) is scratched or has a burr on it (in which case you'll need a new one); (3) the thread is tangled; (4) a bobbin designed specifically for your machine was not used. Although you say there is no local repair shop, many sewing centers/fabric shops repair machines, and sometimes dept. stores that sell Singer machines (like Sears used to) will service them. Good luck.

  • Dfm Dfm on Aug 14, 2018

    your tensions are off. look up your user manual and go to the tension balancing part. use scrap material until it's right. have 2 different colors of thread 1 for the top, the other in the bobber. this helps to see which is getting messed up. it will take patience.

    if you have a second hand machine, you can sometimes get the user manual on line. brand of machine, model number will usually find it.

  • I agree that your tension is off and/or your bobbin isn't in correctly. I was able to find the manual to my 1980's sewing machine online in pdf format. It was a huge help for troubleshooting.

  • Completely re-thread your machine, bobbin included. It's usually just threaded funky. Also try new thread and a new needle.

  • Patricia S. White-Moore Patricia S. White-Moore on Aug 15, 2018

    Don't have a Sears only one is 50 miles away. It was NEW when I bought it from a Singer Dealer. I have tried all the book tells me, Only thing I have not tried is the different colored threads I have the original bobbins(there were four) and they seem smooth. I have both screwdrivers that came with it and a new can of Singer oil that I got at a Michaels a couple of years ago. I have sewed since 1938. Did my best work on my old treadle model! Had this one since 1957 and made many clothes and quilts on it. ,

  • Gail Gail on Aug 16, 2018

    Your upper tension is most likely the problem, or at least part of it. UNthread machine totally, both top & bottom threads including bobbin & remove both bobbin & needle. Set aside.

    Next, Get a can of Blow Off or air duster like used on computers. Remove top metal cap from your machine & set it aside. Spray the inside of your machine thoroughly with the dust remover spray to get the lint out of the metal working parts of your machine.

    Next observe closely the moving parts as you turn the hand wheel slowly toward you. Are there any dry or rusted parts or any not moving freely & smoothly? If so, very lightly oil or lubricate those parts. Here's a tip that you will find quite useful: go to a feed store or even vet clinic & get a small syringe with about a 20 gauge needle x 1.5 inches long & put some machine oil in it. Use that to oil & lubricate your machine. You can pin point just where you need the oil to go without putting too much or having the big mess from those oil bottles sold at stores.

    After you have de-linted the top inside of your machine & oiled where needed, replace the top cap.

    Next, let's clean your upper more external parts of your machine. Let's start with the upper tension. Yes, those need cleaning too but NO OIL. To do this, use the air duster with straw & rotating around it, blow the lint out from between the little metal circles & spring of the upper tension. Be very careful of the spring to not put pressure on it & break it. It's tempting to move it around with a finger but DONT Do it. You do not want to break that tension spring. Air dusting will not break it nor harm the machine.

    Next, open the left hand side of the machine head where the thread feeds down into the needle. Do the same thing there you did inside the top of the machine. Then put in a new needle, preferably a ball point. These generally work better especially in older machines.

    Now, still with the bobbin removed, using air duster, blow lint out of bobbin area of your machine. Then, from underneath, De-lint & oil your machine as needed.

    Now, place a freshly filled bobbin into your machine.

    Now, before you retread top part of machine, set the tension to recommended general sewing setting. Thread up machine. Try sewing a line with it. Take a look at it. Adjust upper thread tension if needed one number tighter (or looser if needed) than you have it until it's sewing as it should.

    This should fix your problem unless there is a broken part somewhere that a machine repair service needs to attend to.

    Please let me know if this fixes your problem.

  • Sherri Sherri on Aug 16, 2018

    You know this may be silly but..... have you bought new bobbins? If so, are you sure they are the right ones? I had some real problems with tangling and getting the right bobbins fixed it for me. Wierd, huh? Good luck.

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