How to refinish a bathroom vanity?


I want to do the concrete look on my bathroom vanity and carry that to my kitchen counters later. My bathroom sink? Standard whatever its made from and I know I can apply a product like Ardex or Henrys to it. I'd love to put one of those Epoxy coatings on top of that but--what to do about the bowl of the sink? can I apply epoxy over the cement finish and in the bowl? Taking the vanity out isnt going to work--its built into the wall so I'll have to put the epoxy on right there. I've already started the remodle by turning my vanity into custom drawers that I've primed but not painted so my second question is, what is the best paint or paint system to use on cabinets....also going to carry that paint to the kitchen cabinets later and I'm not all too interested in chipped up cabinets in a year. Excluding the vanity, all the other cabinets throughout the house are 120 years old and never been painted--remarkably-still in great shape but have never been painted. Painting them after 120 years is a big deal because they're orginial so I'm trying to get it right the first time.

q how to refinish a bathroom vanity
q how to refinish a bathroom vanity
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