How do I, or should I refinish a hardwood floor ?

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  • Mad29883817 Mad29883817 on Oct 01, 2018

    If it’s real hardwood sand down and apply stain then varnish

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Oct 01, 2018

    If you have real hardwood, they can be sanded and two coats of varnish applied.

  • If you are lucky enough to have real hardwood floors, sanding, staining and sealing is your best bet. Also great for resale in case you decide to move. Wood flooring is classic and you can't go wrong. Just be prepared, it is a very messy project, tape off your vents and any rooms not being worked on.

  • Jacqueline Bell Jacqueline Bell on Oct 01, 2018

    I appreciate your answer. Did you see my question about dark stains when we took up the carpet and sanded 2 times with different grades of sandpaper? Should we keep sanding until the stains come up or just go ahead and apply finish? We’re stumped. Thx

    • Ignore the dark stains, no one will ever notice them once the floors are finished, furniture and rugs placed. You could sand too much in one area and get a dip in the floor, not worth it. You notice them now because the room is bare. Once fully assembled you will be the only one that knows. Besides, dings, dents and some discoloration adds charm and character. History of the house . . . Embrace it!

  • Jacqueline Bell Jacqueline Bell on Oct 05, 2018

    That makes me feel better about just going ahead and not overdoing sanding. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks again

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