How should it be handled?


Moving, should we replace the "old FIRST ever existing cabinets" with some decent, but not expensive cabinets & replace the carpet, old tile & 1/2 bath on the first floor with decent looking hardwood flooring,

NOTE: Old FIRST existing cabinets: Hinges are broke, no adjustable shelving or backs, they have the old wood divider in the double cabinets and double cabinets do not meet when they close, which makes it difficult to get pans etc in & out of cabinet and no handles.

All other parts of house have new bathroom cabinets, and shower, new interior doors, windows, closet doors etc. The entire first floor looks bad, and entire 2nd floor looks new.

OR leave the kitchen as is and lower the price of the house?

Houses in our area are going for $900,000. We feel many people who purchase a home at this level probably don't have the extra money to put in a kitchen when they move in and would prefer something that looks new and decent until they can afford to replace it with what they want. Please advise.

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Oct 02, 2018

    If you are pricing your home in that range, most people DO have the money to do what they want with a house. I've seen new kitchens ripped out because the new homeowner wanted a different style.

    Get some bids, lower the price according to the bids. People who want to replace something usually say it's going to cost a lot more than it really is. The bids will give proof you are in the ballpark of what a replacement would cost.

    When you remodel you rarely get the full cost back. It may sell faster though.

  • If they qualify for a $900,000 mortgage, they have money to burn. Price your house commensurate with what the neighborhood is getting. Any decent estate agent SHOULD be advising you. When the repairs to the first floor become an "issue" give a small concession on the price.

    I have seen people dump thousands into sprucing up their home for sale, only to be ripped out before the ink is dry on the closing documents. Don't waste your money. Make sure it is squeaky clean, has good curb appeal and staged properly. Then it is up to your agent to sell for the most money possible. Take your profits and apply to make your next home beautiful.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Oct 02, 2018

    Try to replace the hinges and adjust the doors. At that price point, the new owner will probably redo the kitchen anyway. Don't send money on new cabinets that will probably be thrown away. Talk to your realtor and find out the best way to have a quick successful sale. Here are some other tips for selling. Great curb appeal (bright flowers and grass cut and trimmed, shrubs trimmed, garden weeded) is very important. If it looks bad from the outside, a lot of people won't waste their time walking inside. That makes everyone think that the home was not taken care of and underlying issues could be present. Clean the exterior and the doors and windows. Make sure your front door looks welcoming, maybe a fresh coat of paint, if it's a painted one. A new welcome mat is nice. Remove all personal things (pictures, stuff hanging on the refrigerator, etc). Also remove any furniture and stuff in closets not needed and any other kind of clutter (put it storage if you have to). Organize everything left into an orderly fashion. If the walls are dark, paint them a light color (it makes the rooms look bigger and brighter). Other than some paint (neutral colors), it really isn't necessary to do any updates as the new owners may have different tastes and could possibly change it anyhow. Only fix what needs to be fixed (you don't want it to look like you didn't take care of the home). Keep everything clean so you're not running around before a showing, making sure windows are clean.. Make the beds when you get up. Before a showing, open all window coverings and let the sunshine in. Turn on all lights even on a bright sunny day, the more light, the better. Be careful burning candles, a scent you like may not smell so good to someone else . The smell of a strong scented candle could also trigger an asthma attack or appear to be covering something up. Flowers could also trigger allergies or asthma. The smell of clean or some freshly baked goods is much more enticing. And if necessary, spray an air neutralizer. When your home is being shown, remove all animals and put away their paraphernalia if at all possible. Good luck.

  • Chris Gignac Chris Gignac on Oct 02, 2018

    Talk to your agent. Number 2 be prepared to adjust your price.

    If I was in that position I would not spend any money on a kitchen makeover. Of course, I would repair broken hinges, fresh paint and above all I would clean the sh**t out of it.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 06, 2018

    Based on my experience being both a seller and a buyer, I would advise to NOT begin putting money into trying to 'fix the house up so that it looks 'newer'. Unfortunately, I have seen too many agents erroneously persuade sellers to sink large amounts of money into a house just before listing it, with promises that they will recoup a 'goldmine'. Any money that you put in towards 'improvements' has the potential at best to be recouped only a partial % at the time of sale.

    From where did you get the information that homes as you say, in your area, are going for $900,000? Check details and photos on to become more informed. Do not rely totally on one real estate agent for all the facts. Are the homes fetching this price partially/fully renovated, or are they in the same condition as yours? If the latter, then likely the value of the land is driving up the prices, more so than the features of the homes. It may seem surprising, but even at this price, I have many times seen the entire house completely demolished and a brand new one built.

    I agree with Naomie that folks who are purchasing a home for this amount, most likely do have the means to afford to make changes once they move in. At this league, invariably one of the first things they are going to do is start ripping out your last minute efforts to 'quickly and inexpensively update'.

    As you have already made the decision to move in the near future, do not spend any more money on this house. Put your efforts into clearing out and cleaning up instead. A clean, shiny, well-maintained home, is always desirable, even if the decor is dated. If any areas require major modernizing due to not functioning properly, lower the price to reflect these repair needs, get the house sold, and move on to your new home.

  • Lynn Lynn on Oct 08, 2018

    From where did you get the information that homes as you say, in your area, are going for $900,000? We get flyers from realtors what homes sell for/sold for at our front doors. We live in California.