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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches, Home Remedies?

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Exterminating cockroaches should be a planned and meditated process in order to minimize the risks and make the most of the measures that we apply. If you have children or pets at home and you are worried about using chemical products such as insecticides, I recommend that you use the following cockroach repellent tips to exterminate cockroaches:
how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies
Eliminate cockroaches with sugar and baking soda?

Mix of sodium bicarbonate and sugar powder: It is a mixture that is not toxic to humans, but it is lethal to cockroaches. Do you know why? Well, the cockroaches are attracted by the sweet smells so they will come out of hiding and ingest the sugar with the sodium bicarbonate that is what will eliminate it.

Use a container to prepare the mixture. This must contain equal parts sodium bicarbonate and powdered sugar. Mix it, this will be your bait.

Place containers as bowls in places where cockroaches usually appear (cupboards, under the fridge, etc.). These bowls, in addition to containing the mixture that we have prepared previously, should contain water.

You can also prepare this mixture without water. Sprinkle it on the ground in specific areas or place it in containers.

Use Borax to eliminate cockroaches

Another home remedy to eliminate cockroaches is the mixture of borax and powdered sugar: Borax is a compound derived from boron and is very effective as a poison to kill cockroaches. As with the previous mixture, the sugar will attract them and with their intake they will dehydrate and end up dying.

Mix of boric acid to eliminate cockroaches

Onion, boric acid, and wheat flour: Boric acid is a mineral-based substance widely used in insecticide and cleaning products. It also fulfills its functions as a poison to kill cockroaches home. You can buy boric acid in pharmacies and certain supermarkets. Mix the 3 products: Flour, chopped onion, boric acid and place it in jars distributed in all areas of your house affected. Leave gaps in the cockroach size caps so they can enter and ingest the poison.
This is a home remedy to eliminate cockroaches, but it is also easy to prepare and very economical.

Eliminating cockroaches with diatoms 

Diatomaceous earth: This formula is also effective for other types of insects such as mosquitoes or mites. It contains fossilized organisms and is very effective in eliminating cockroaches, but also prevents the appearance of pests when used in plants. These are some of the most effective home remedies to eliminate cockroaches, however, there are many more.  
how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

Suggested materials:

  • Boric acid
  • Sugar and baking soda

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