How to get rid of cigarette smell in house?


Can anyone help me with how to get rid of the cigarette smell in my house? We moved into a beautiful home that had everything we were looking for. I (mistakenly) did not pay much attention to the fact that the previous owners were smokers. I am not terribly sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke when I come across it casually, but living in a home with cigarette smell everywhere is a different story  ! I am finding that when I go out people tell me that I stink of cigarettes and I have never smoked in my life! Apparently it is getting in my clothes and all of our furniture. Yuck! I hope there are no medical repercussions or I will sue their pants off  ! People should not be allowed to smoke anywhere. Eventually, it harms all the rest of us.

Now I am on a mission to rid the house of the smell, but I haven't the faintest idea how. HELP?!

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