What is the best flooring for kitchen?


Porcelain or leoline?

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  • It truly is a matter of personal taste and lifestyle. Both are great choices. Porcelain tiles are wonderful, but you still need to clean and seal the grout periodically. On the down side they are hard, cold underfoot and if anyone is elderly or has spine issues or arthritis, you will need a pro gel mat for standing for long periods of time. Linoleum or the new vinyl products are softer underfoot, easy to clean and maintain and take a beating. Consider the occupants of your home, kids? Pets? Elderly? Is anyone tracking mud, dirt or sand In?

  • William William on Mar 15, 2019

    I always recommend peel and stick vinyl plank flooring for kitchens, baths, and basements. Waterproof and resilient. Look like wood, ceramic, and porcelain.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 15, 2019

    Totally personal preference! I have all tile floors in my house would not have anything else. Luckily, regrouting tile is a practice you shouldn’t have to do often. If you take care of and clean your tile grout regularly, you should only have to replace it every 12 to 15 years. Lesser quality jobs or failure to care for the grout may lead to the need for replacement every eight to 10 years.Leoline sounds nice since it's cushioned but I'd be concerned because I have alot of animals in house and would worry about scratching, poking holes in it, tearing it.Just comes down to personal preference. They both come in affordable options and many sizes,colors,textures. PeelNStick tiles - they are waterproof in that you can get the top as wet as you want, these tiles may be able to last sitting in water but they will not keep water from getting underneath & affect the bond to the floor or even underlayment.Might be ok in kitchen unless the dishwasher or icemaker in fridge ever breaks. Solid piece install better option.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Mar 15, 2019

    the easiest to maintain would be luxury vinyl flooring it comes in colors and styles like a wood look, tile look, etc and easy to install

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