Asked on Apr 4, 2019

How do I keep neighbors dogs off my lawn?

EllisNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAPhyllis Ferri Santilli


The owners do not pickup their waste! Is there a plant? a bush? Anything besides a sign that will keep the dogs from wanting to walk on my grass?? Ty

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  • Robin
    on Apr 4, 2019

    I don’t think dogs can read so I doubt a sign would be helpful at all. Only thing you can do is put a fence around your yard. Clearly your neighbors don’t care what their dogs are doing. In the meantime, if you know where the offender lives, you could pick up the poop and deliver it back to their house.

  • Rachels
    on Apr 4, 2019

    My mom mixed Lysol concentrate with water and poured around the edges of our lawn every season: no dogs came past it! They sniffed and kept walking.....needs to be renewed after heavy rain/monthly. Was not harmful to our dog or cats.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    Lifestyles Homes
    on Apr 4, 2019

    Repellant chemicals all over the yard are going to be pricey and wash away in the rain.

    Since dogs smell for where to go pee/poop, I would try to use the hose on the places they’ve gone before in your yard.

    I don’t know what vinegar will do to your grass if you wanted to draw a line in the yard as a fence and use it on the “spots”. You could try it and see.

    • Rachels
      on Apr 4, 2019

      She only used a couple of capfuls......enough for scent. Didn't hurt the grass at all. You are only laying a scent trail for dogs to smell and avoid; only need a little bit to create a "do not disturb" barrier around the lawn. You could also try only pouring it where dogs have 'gone' before, to destroy the scent pattern that brings them back to that spot!

  • Beth
    on Apr 4, 2019

    We had the same problem when we purchased a house that had been sitting empty for many months. The neighbors had become used to letting their pets potty there. One day I was painting the front room when I saw a woman stop and let her dog poop in the front yard. I opened the front door and yelled, "Pick that up!" She didn't even look at me, and started to walk on. Furious, I yelled (God, forgive me!), "You can pick it up now, or pick out of the back of your hair in about 30 seconds!" She stopped, and walking backwards (!) stooped and picked up the poop with a bag she had all along! I guess she spread the word (probably that I was crazy!) because no one ever did it again. Sometimes ya just gotta get aggressive. Really, I'm normally a nice person!

  • Phyllis Ferri Santilli
    Phyllis Ferri Santilli
    on Apr 4, 2019

    Thanks everyone will

    try the Lysol and the vinegar!

  • Or install a motion activated sprinkler. One of my neighbors was complaining bitterly. We told her it was raccoon poop. She didn't believe us. She spent a bloody fortune to have a fancy dancy security system installed. Sure enough, it was raccoons. I told her that she needs to listen to us, as we could have saved her a bundle. She then installed a motion activated sprinkler. No more raccoon poop in her yard. The neighbors in my area are pretty good about picking up after their pets. I occasionally get a gift, but not enough for me to complain.

  • Ellis
    on Apr 5, 2019

    I had the same problem, the neighbor couldn't care less. So I bought animal repellent at a very good local nursery, and sprinkled it (it was granules) anywhere the dogs favored. I also put it all along my property line with that neighbor. The dogs really hated it, and would recoil when they sniffed it. The only drawback was that it had to be reapplied after a rain.

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