How do I handle inlay on painted tile floor?


I will be painting the tile in our entry next week - not in budget to replace. I’ll be going the sand/clean/prime/paint/seal route. I’ve seen many tutorials, all include stenciling & none have addressed a patterned inlay. We have a medallion in the center of the floor and an accent at the powder room entry. Since stencils wouldn’t work & the grout lines are inconsistent in the center of the room I’m inclined to just keep it simple & let the texture speak for itself... but I’m afraid it may look unfinished. Ideas, please! And thank you!

q how do i handle inlay on painted tile floor
q how do i handle inlay on painted tile floor
q how do i handle inlay on painted tile floor
q how do i handle inlay on painted tile floor
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  • Robin Robin on Apr 04, 2019

    Sketch out on a piece of paper what it would like like painted. Include all the grout lines. See if it’s a pattern you think you can live with. And/Or, after painting, throw a small rug over the inset area to hide it. You’ll likely want something at the front door anyway for people to wipe their feet.

  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Apr 04, 2019

    That is a difficult one Denise ! If it was my floor, I would create a "carpet" out of that accent. If I was painting the floor in a darkish color, I would paint over the mosaic tiles with a light color as a frame. The little shadows those little grouts create, should be enough Then in the middle I would paint the tiles is the same color as the rest of my floor, or something else, and with the light color that I used for around, I would stencil something on that middle part. If I don't paint the floor of the powder room I would not bother to give those mosaic tiles a different color..I hoped I helped you on the way..

    • Denise Denise on Apr 04, 2019

      Love this! Now my imagination is energized and I feel like this can actually work. Thank you!

  • Em Em on Apr 04, 2019

    Maybe just repaint the design in a different color or at least parts of it to match your design better. Leave the medallion as is with different colors you paint like the border where the vines and flowers are. People will not notice the uneven lines but probably be awed by the new look.

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    • Denise Denise on Apr 04, 2019

      I love this idea! I want the design to recede but still have an impact. That is something we hadn’t considered and a great way to minimize an otherwise huge and daunting project! Thank you!

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Apr 04, 2019

    Let the texture telescope through.

    Our eyes automatically look for flaws in monolithic surfaces, so I always give the eye something to look at.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 04, 2019

    Your floor is beautiful, I do not think you should paint it at all

    • Denise Denise on Apr 04, 2019

      Thank you. It photographs well, but the colors and design are dated. Here’s hoping I can find a way to accent the positive!

  • William William on Apr 07, 2019

    Don't know what color you plan to paint. i would paint the inset tiles a shade lighter than the rest of the floor. Tape off the border mosaics with painters tape. Paint each one a different color. Time consuming but you'd still have a

    "new" medallion.

  • Dee Dee on Apr 07, 2019

    I would change the grout color with Grout Refresh. Amazon has the most colors. It is easy, I have done it a few times. In fact I am thinking about changing my kitchen grout soon. Then I would clean it really well and see if you like it with the different color grout. I would do the entire area grout in the same color. One bottle cost around $10 and that would be enough to do the entire floor.

    • Denise Denise on Apr 08, 2019

      Thank you! I hadn’t considered that. Sometimes I miss the the easier solution. I’ll give it a try!

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