Lift up kitchen cabinets ?


Bought this trailer a little over a year ago. It’s a 1978 and noticed that the cabinets are starting to sag more from the ceiling I tried to screw in the top of the cabinet frame from the inside of the cabinet to the ceiling right next to the original screw that is there but after it screws in a little bit it falls back down nothing catches so besides tearing down cabinets due to short funds, is there something else I can do? I even tried to put a shim in there hoping it would catch that way but no luck. Any advice is surely greatly appreciated thank you so much

q lift up kitchen cabinets
q lift up kitchen cabinets
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  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 18, 2019

    Why not just run a piece of trim to cover that gap up? It seems like the cheapest fix.

    • Margaret Margaret on Apr 18, 2019

      Thanks but The previous owner had done that and when we bought the house it was just a little bit but now it’s sagging more and I’m afraid it will just come down one day I would like to fix it not just cover it up

  • on Apr 18, 2019

    Usually cupboards are attached to the walls (on the framing) vs ceiling. Check to make sure the screws through the back are still holding well.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 18, 2019

    sounds like your whole trailer needs releveled. depending where you live--- "Generally speaking a single wide mobile home costs $500 dollars to level and a double wide home costs $800 dollars."

  • Sammy Sammy on Apr 18, 2019

    Are you sure the cabinet is sagging and not the ceiling? I also have an older mobile home and I noticed that in some areas the ceiling was beginning to "sag" We resecured the ceiling and then painted. Or if you are sure it is your cabinets make sure the screws are located in the studs, possibly you can just relocate the screw (making sure you are in the stud) using a piece of trim under the existing screwed trim.

    • Margaret Margaret on May 12, 2019

      Thank you for responding and yes I am pretty sure it’s the cabinets and being at the ends they are still up at the ceiling touching completely. You can feel that the screws are in through the ceiling I tried to put another screw right next to the existing one still going in through the ceiling it goes up a little like it catches and then it just pulls back down.

  • Sammy Sammy on May 12, 2019

    This is a better picture of the problem. The only thing I can think of is to remove all the screws and literally lift the cabinets up to the ceiling and then screw the cabinets into the studs in a different location (not next to the original holes go above or below the original). Have you consulted a handyman,for a possible solution.

    • Margaret Margaret on May 13, 2019

      Great, thanks and no not really just my brother-in-law that does contractor work.