Asked 8 days ago

How can I make a waterproof tray for my planter?

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I have a long oblong window planter that someone drilled drain holes into, is there anyway to make a water proof tray for the bottom? My aloes are taking over 😂

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    8 days ago

    You could line it with thick plastic, that should help make it leak free :)

  • Linda
    8 days ago

    You don't have drain holes you risk root rot on any plant. Line with weed barrier cloth then add stones 1" deep.. You'll have drainage but not so fast.

  • Dian
    8 days ago

    Stick it in another planter.

  • I am not sure why you would want to make the tray water proof. Water would build up and your plants will drown. You need to have drainage for plants, particularly something like aloes.

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