Asked on Oct 14, 2019

How do I get rid of fly larvae?

Deborah WayneMadameRãEm


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  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Oct 14, 2019

    If you can get to it, physically smash it or pick it up with a gloved hand.

    Once I had to bug bomb the house because flies had camped-out in our home while away for the weekend.

    If you want tips on big-bombing the house, let us know.

  • Em
    on Oct 14, 2019

    scrape them into a plastic bag and smash them.

  • MadameRã
    on Oct 19, 2019

    ~a big problem all over the globe...

    Better ways of ridding larvae are to actually isolate all areas; and carefully scrape into throw out containers, add bleach, and seal tight by using glad wrapping around the container, then bagging and binning it.{Over time the container will dissolve along with the larvae, also breaking down the outer plastics~ around 9 months on average this will take~ *it occurs along a chemical reaction to what is actually going into different plastics... also no flies or breeding critters will go near the area, leaving a smell free area at the dump.}

    Other Important areas around one’s property; if out side you will have to take a few inches of section from out of the ground/s area... if inside, found in odd places like carpets, rugs, windows ~ sills/curtains, under furniture arms ect...

    ^Use ONLY a High Grade Aromatherapy of citronella, and sage.. A bigger bottle of citronella is required, an average size aroma bottle for sage; personally I like the Rã range of oils as I can tell you they are ‘sound quality ‘:)

    So one will always use double the drops of C” to half the amount of S”; literally use the oils pure from the bottles onto most goods ( using chux ) however if it’s of wooden anything ,one uses a tiny bit of coconut oil as well on chux with all ingredients ...

    *After working out the areas, and what one will do~ which is to use up to fifty drops of C” with 20 drops of S” on your chux and clean thoroughly this way... as I don’t know the exact ‘situation’ you are in , thus one will require to use some common sense as aroma oils of high grade ARE INDEED A POISON ☠️ and can cause sensitivities to small pets... If this is a concern, buy also a High grade Orange Aroma oil, using distilled water and a spray bottle, place 20 odd drops to half a spray bottle ( with distilled water in it) and shake like you are doing a work out; as it will be if doing it right as you won’t want your nozzles blocking up.^ tip you are to always give it a further shake in between spraying... which brings to saying that you spray lightly around those areas sorted out~ this will keep small pets away.

    ^ Being of Natural doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous when using incorrectly, in this case one’s hands need to be covered with disposable gloves... breathing it ought not to be of any problems however if with asthma just wear a light mask Incase. The smells are quite pleasant, and some sages are eurphoric ; or feeling of light mind enjoyment, this too will not hurt you:)

    well I do wish you well, I hold hope I have covered as much as I can... the only level of hardness here is to be mindful when handling HIGH GRADE Aromatherapy Oils... and perhaps finding , though I doubt it where you live; or you will be able to order somewhere within your country, undoubtedly...

    Want a better search Engine to check out where to get truthful items from, rather than let google take you where it thinks you need to go [and it’s never nice or right enough], then jump onto Duck Duck Go...

    must go myself

    Best care


  • Deborah Wayne
    on Oct 20, 2019

    Take out your garbage every night. LOL. Use a pop bottle, cut it in half. Use Vinegar and sugar, and alcohol, and water. Out them various places, and you'll be rid of Any flys.

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