What is the easiest way to clean brass?


I have a huge round coffee table that was my grandmas then my Moms now mine. It has wood fold out legs. But, It has scalloped edges like a pie and carving all over the top. Both sides need polishing. The last time I cleaned it, took me 4 days of starting for a few hours then stopping....start...stop... start... stop because every type of brass cleaner I used, which was supposed to be easy and less elbow grease, didn’t work without polishing and reapply the polish needless to say it was tedious and time consuming. I have it stored behind a headboard bc I cannot clean it. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. My grandma brought it back from overseas. I’ve only found 1 other 1 ever. So I want to use it, can’t until it’s clean. PLEASE HELP.

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