Asked on Jan 25, 2020

How can I transform a chest of drawers into a small table?

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  • Annie
    on Jan 27, 2020

    Hi Astrid, there are some pretty ideas over here, maybe one of these will work for you?

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Jan 27, 2020

    The ticket will be finding, creating or buying a top that over hangs far enough that people will be comfortable sitting at it. An old door might be a neat idea that would work great or even a mirror or glass!

  • Recreated Designs
    on Jan 27, 2020

    Hi Astrid, if there are still drawers in the dresser, you could use one of these and add legs to the bottom of it. With the drawer facing up, it then becomes a table that you can put things in and on.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jan 28, 2020

    The concept:

    take two drawers out a screw/glue them back to back to make the center pedestal.

    Turn the chest so that it’s back is facing up.

    Balance it on top the new pedestal.

    Clamp & screw/glue what was the face of the dresser to the drawers/pedestal.

    Paint or stain/poly the back to match and the end piece (what was the bottom) too.

    Yes, the table top is 12-15” thick.

    I can tell you how to take it apart, assuming it’s not 100% MDF/particle board.

  • Beth
    on Jan 28, 2020

    Here's a video that might be helpful:

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jan 29, 2020

    You could cut the chest in half were you want the hight to be then remove the top and put it on top of the piece you cut down.

  • BetsyRambo
    on Jan 29, 2020

    YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest

  • Christina Faye Repurposed
    on Jan 29, 2020

    It seems to me that a chest of drawers would be a very high table. Most chest of drawers are very tall.

  • Flipturn
    on Jan 30, 2020

    Yes, good point from Christina - how high is the chest?

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