Paint these walls?


I want to paint these exterior walls on my deck. Or decorate them so the space looks more entertaining. This is a rental property. If I can paint it what kind of paint do I buy?

q paint these walls
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  • Nan W. Nan W. on Jun 07, 2020

    Ikea: Use exterior paint! (a light, neutral color is always best)

  • Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree on Jun 07, 2020

    Lightly sand the primer with 220-grit sandpaper and wipe it clean with tack cloth. Pour paint into the paint tray until the bottom portion of the tray is full. Wet the roller in the paint and apply it to the plywood, always rolling in the direction of the wood grain. Work in small areas, about 2 feet square.

  • on Jun 07, 2020

    Exterior primer and paint will make it fabulous!

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jun 07, 2020

    Agree that you need exterior Kilz primer and a latex exterior paint. AFTER YOU GET LANDLORD'S PERMISSION TO PAINT. DON'T MAKE A MESS.

  • Janice Janice on Jun 07, 2020

    If you have landlord's approval you can prime and paint with a good exterior pain. The paint will make a huge difference if the feel of the area. If the area is not well sealed at the top, you might even want to use marine paint for further protection from weather.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jun 07, 2020

    Exterior primer and then exterior paint will work for the space but don't forget to get your landlord's approval to paint and maybe the color too! It's a great space.

  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 07, 2020

    Hi Ikea: First of all, get permssion, in writing, dated and signed by your landlord that you can do this. Also, that you don't have to put it back to what it was when you leave. Take pictures of before you start and after you are done. Then, you can prime the area and use any paint you choose, unless the surface is going to be exposed to the elements, then I'd use exterior paint. I'd use an eggshell type paint and not a flat, which is hard to clean, or an enamel, which shows every fault in the surface there is. Eggshell is very nice and easy to clean and not shiny :) I'd use a light colour, not white as it's too sterile looking, but something soft. Get the colour approved by the landlord, too. Get a sample of the colours you would like to use and have your landlord sign and date the acceptable samples. I know this sounds silly, but if you watch any of the judge shows on tv, you will know that this should have been done to avoid problems. Good luck

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 07, 2020

    Betsy is so smart...get it in writing signed by the landlord and you, without that documentation, you'll be in a world of...well. Yes, take pictures before and after.

    Sand and use an exterior paint to match the main property where you are living.

  • I would go to the hardware store and tell them you're painting an outdoor space and what paint they suggest. There are a lot of exterior paints. I would go for white or a nice light neutral color, which will be cooler and will brighten up the space. For decor, you could do some of those small wall planter pots.

  • Joy Elizabeth Joy Elizabeth on Jun 07, 2020

    Any paint formulated for outdoors will work great. Most paints now say paint and primer in one, but definitely get a quality primer also, or the unfinished wood will soak up way more paint, and require more coats.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 10, 2020

    Hello there,

    I would suggest you used a garden wood stain used for furniture/ fences etc.

    Best of luck with the Landlord!

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jun 10, 2020

    Looks like you’ve got a lot of great answers.

    Those water stains on the lower sections will absolutely bleed through unless you use a Premium Primer, Kilz or Zinzer, specifically for that.

    Not all Kilz not Zinzer formulas do the same thing, read the labels, as it’s not cheap primer.

  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Jun 12, 2020

    Something that says OUTDOOR on the can for sure

  • Dee Dee on Mar 02, 2021

    Prime first and paint with Sherwin Williams Exterior paint it is by far the best exterior paint on the market.

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