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Counter and cabinet idea

Maura WhiteMogieBecky at Flipping the Flip


need Ideas on what to do with ugly tile countertop and cabinets. I don’t want to gut the kitchen as it’s too expensive just wanna update it.

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  • Oliva
    6 days ago

    You could paint the tile countertops and change the grout to a lighter color. I'd recommend epoxy grout, even though it may be trickier to use, because it's much easier to live with, over time.

    The cabinets could be updated with simple mouldings to create a Shaker style, or similar. Cabinets could be sanded, painted a contrasting color and sealed or sanded, stained, sealed. Change out the cabinet knobs to a brighter color, finish, or glass, or a completely different style.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    6 days ago

    I agree that paint is probably your least expensive and best bet to get a whole new look. All new hardware would help as well. You could consider doing a concrete pour over the countertops like this blogger did:

    The tile floors could also be painted

  • Agnes Chrzanowska
    6 days ago

    There are stick and peel backsplash tiles that are super inexpensive that will help you out. I feel adding interest to backsplash will completly change your kitchen

  • Lifestyles Homes
    6 days ago

    I would use an epoxy paint system for painting the tile & the grout. Normally I would not advise to paint grout, but the joints vary too much and it is an eye sore.

    Yes, paint the cabinets and put some expensive pulls on them.

    Both of these require super clean surfaces and prep work.

  • I think adding new hardware to your cabinets and installing a pretty backsplash would help make your countertop look better. You could even try c overing the countertop with marble-looking Contact paper for a low-cost fix.

  • Katie Nadea
    6 days ago

    Paint or stain those wood cabinets and pick out an inexpensive satin nickel hardware update. I had old oak brown with 1978 antique brass and brightened up the whole kitchen. Sherwin Williams paint on sale 30% off and they will guide you, take the smallest door off to show them, and ask them the best way to do it. Cost me about $50 bucks for all of it. Go on line and you can buy a bag of multiple matching hardware for 30 bucks. Also I took my doors outside across saw horses and used a flat pad to dip in the paint and goes on so smooth, no paint streaks.

  • Johnavallance82
    6 days ago

    Hello there,

    You could add Tile stickers to the centre of the tiles, or Transfers. You could paint the grout lines using an artist brush or syringe as that will white or a colour or Re-grout the tiles, or paint them, or tile over them, but if you tile over them, don't use the same size tile or don't have the joints in the same place. Enjoy!

  • Flipturn
    6 days ago

    A fast and easy way to 'wake up' tired looking cabinets is to switch the old knobs/handles with new ones that are bright and colorful.

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  • Janice
    5 days ago

    If you regrout the tiles with very light grout and add some decorative hardware to the cabinets that could make a huge change in the feel of your kitchen. Add some laccessories such as towels and rugs in a color you love!

  • Patty
    5 days ago

    Are you wanting to keep the tile? Or, could you replace it? Laminate is cheaper than a natural product, and it would give you a nice, clean look.

    • Patty
      3 days ago

      I see. Perhaps replace the grout with a dark accent, revitalize your area with new accessories. I have red and black in my kitchen. Not everyone's taste, I understand. But I have had so much fun with it for 15 years now. I also love wine, so my souvenir hand painted plates from Italy, and my flattened wine bottle that I use as a spoon rest all coordinate without everything being matchy-matchy. Have fun!

  • Dee
    5 days ago

    I would change the grout color with Grout Refresh. I would also paint the brown edges of the countertop to coordinate with the tiles. Take a look at Diane At In My Own Style tutorial on painting cabinets

  • I painted my cabinets, I used a kit by Rust-Oleum called Cabinet Transformations. You can see how I did it here:

  • Mogie
    4 days ago

    You could always paint the tile counter tops.

  • Maura White
    Just now

    You could paint the cabinets - no sanding needed! See how I did that!

    Then you could do a peel and stick new backsplash.

    As for tile countertops - maybe you should just replace those with laminate countertops? We got ours very inexpensively when you look for sales on Lowes or Home Depot or Mr. Seconds or Bargain Outlet!

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