How do I stop this leak?


I have a leak under the sink. I thought it was the supply line as the water was around that area. I replaced the supply line and it's still leaking. The problem wasn't the supply line. I know now that it is the pipe that feeds into the supply line. Where the dark brown putty (I assume) is. I don't know what these things are called. Can someone tell me so that I can ask for the right thing at Lowes/Home Depot?

The steel portion is the supply line. That screws onto the beige adapter (I assume that that's an adapter of some sort). Can I assume that the adapter is screwed onto that portion of the pipe where the brown putty is? I'm afraid that if I attempt to screw it off, that I will break it if it is not screwed on. That is definitely where the leak is coming from. Should I just get some plumbers pipe compound and put it where the brown putty is?

q how do i stop this leak
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