Classic Auto Garage

Roger has been a car lover for years, but he wanted a unique and professional garage that would really showcase his vehicles in a distinctive way.
Roger had an 1,800 square foot garage with concrete flooring that he wanted to transform into an upscale, professional garage. He turned to products to help bring his vision for the space to life.
By doing thorough research prior to starting his project, he found that many similar garage projects ended with cracked or delaminated tiles due to incorrect products or installation. To avoid these problems, he made sure to account for the floor loads from cars, jacks, and other tools in the garage.
In a project like this, the floor preparation prior to installation is extremely important. Roger worked closely with Schluter to understand the necessary underlayment and installment methods required to end up with a professional result. Here we see the Schluter Ditra Uncoupling Membrane that he used.
This membrane layer is extremely important because it protects the tiles from movement of the concrete floor while also providing a waterproofing layer to prevent water penetration. One of the things that was stressed to Roger was 100% coverage of the thin-set to both the tile and the floor surface is essential. This would ensure that there are no hollow spots that could create a weakness in the tile.
The finished project! Roger used Storka 24" x 24" Lusso Nero and Bianco unpolished tiles from to create his auto racing inspired checkerboard floor. These tiles give the floor a clean, professional look, and they really complement the vehicles well.
To further account for the unique changes in pressure and temperature that a garage floor may face, Roger placed expansion joints throughout the space. These joints are a must-have for a project of this size.
Being a garage floor, Roger had to account for the possibility of spillage of various fluids including oil. Roger chose premium grade MAPEI Kerapoxy due to its stain proof and chemical-resistant formula. It also provides the strength necessary for this environment.
A unique feature of Roger's renovated garage is the drainage system. While most of the floor is covered in 24" x 24" tile, Roger creatively used mosaic tile to create the gradient necessary for the floor to drain properly. He also worked with a metal fabricator to make stainless steel collars that bring the drains flush with the floor.
The spacious garage gives Roger ample room to park and work on multiple cars. Roger finished off the space with automobile logo lighted signs along with stainless steel cabinets and equipment.
Roger offers this advice to anyone considering a similar projects: "Do your own research so you can work with the suppliers and the installation contractor. There are not many contractors that have experience with tile installations in garages. The installer does not necessarily need to have experience with installing tile on garage floors but they do need to be willing to listen and learn what it takes for a successful project."
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