9 Things in Your Home That You’re Not Caring for Properly

I’ll be honest, the last time I replaced my AC filter was the month after I moved in. The last time I maintained my lawnmower? No idea. Weather-proofed my shoes? Let’s just change the subject.
When you’re busy, simple maintenance tasks can be pushed down the to-do list. But taking the time to maintain these expensive items can save you buku bucks down the line. So stop skipping maintenance tasks, and start knocking these babies off of the list.
Here’s a quick reminder of some things that might deserve extra attention this weekend:
Cleaning your gutters avoids much bigger problems, like repairing the siding and landscaping of your house from water damage. When your gutters fill up with leaves and debris, they essentially become useless and can no longer filter water into your drainage system.
The best time to clean your gutters is twice a year: at the beginning of fall and the beginning of spring. If you’re running behind schedule for your spring session, it’s time to get out the ladder. If time doesn’t allow, check out these local gutter cleaning services.
Refrigerator Coils
After your air conditioner, your refrigerator is probably the largest energy sucker in your home. So it’s a good idea to clean your refrigerator coils. Here’s how.
After a long winter, your lawn mower deserves a little attention. They have air filters that need to be changed, blades to sharpen and oil to change. It’s also a good idea to replace the spark plug. For more details and tips, check out this guide from Angie’s List.
Leather lasts (almost) forever if you take good care of it. Pick up some mink oil or a weather protectant spray to keep your leather shoes and jackets supple and happy. We recommend reapplying once a year, or whenever you see a dry spot. If rain is on the way in your area, now is a good time to give your boots a protective layer!
You’re probably not vacuuming your carpets enough. Hear us out: For an average, four-person family, you should have a date with your vacuum three times a week. If your family is really active, or if there are rooms that get a lot of action, you should vacuum almost daily. Daily. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace your carpets sooner than expected, which can cost a pretty penny.
Look down, and say hello to your baseboards. Those attractive things don’t typically get the love they deserve. Dust and dirt piles up, and before you know it they’re just plain gross. Follow these steps to keep your baseboards stylin’ and profilin’.
Window Tracks
You clean your window panes? Nice work. What about the window tracks? Yeah … about that. Window tracks are those things that make it possible to open and close your window. Over time, they become magnets for bugs, dirt and nastiness. To clean them up, you’ll need white vinegar, a few Q-Tips and your handheld vacuum device. Here’s the easy step-by-step.
Locks are pretty important. They keep the bad guys out, and the little ones in. Plus, they’re pretty handy when you head out of town. But, how often do you maintain yours? Maintaining your locks takes about five minutes, and can save you from needing a lock replacement, which can cost $200 or more. If you have lots o’ doors, the price only goes up from there. To take care of your locks, follow these steps.
If your furnace goes kaput, it’s a big, scary, expensive ordeal. And if you need to replace it, we’re talking $10,000. That’s not exactly chump change! So, why not be proactive and change your furnace filter regularly? Depending on the type of furnace you have, you may need to replace your filter as often as once a month.
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