Cleaning Between the Glass on an Oven Door

About 5 years ago, it was definitely a do I know it was a Thursday?Because it was Thanksgiving. We had just bought a great double wall oven. The old one had bit the dust and wasn't keeping the temperature any more. So we had this great wall oven delivered just in time to entertain about 20 members of our family.
Things were going along great, all the sides were done, the turkey was done and ready to be removed from the oven. The only problem was that when removing the turkey from the oven he managed to drip, and that dripping found its way to the inside of the oven door. Yup dripping between the glass. And that is how my oven door has looked for 5 years.
See those vents in the door, they lead right to between the glass.
Over the years, I did get out the owners manual to see if there was any way to clean the glass. I also unscrewed the screws but nothing moved.
Fast forward to this week, when I'm on Pinterest and lo and behold I find someone that has successfully cleaned between her glass on her oven doors. Her screws were placed a bit differently than mine but I was willing to give it a go one more time. Maybe I was missing something.
My screws did need a special screwdriver but I did have a drillbit that fit perfectly.
So, I undid all my top screws...nothing. Wait, there are a few more screws going down the side...still nothing. It didn't pop open like they promised.
Eventually I found that only the top screws had to be removed. There are even springs inside the door to assist you.
My door did not pop open when the screws were undone. I did manage to get the door apart with one simple little trick. If your oven door popped open with the removal of the screws great, clean away.
If your oven is like mine, you may need one more tool... a simple kitchen knife to gently pry the frame away from the door. It may seem unnatural, but the door just pops right open.
Why this is not in the owners manual, I have no idea. You may want to place a chair under the door to support your oven door while you clean. And here is the oven door, all ready to be cleaned with a degreaser.
If you need more pictures, I hope you get a chance to stop by.
Note: When I posted this I had no idea so many people had the same problem. I had read another post where someone had cleaned between their glass so I tried it. Mine worked so well (with just a little prodding) that I thought I'd share. If you have any misgivings about doing this..don't. One person said her glass broke, I am truly sorry. Another person said I bent the frame on my oven...I didn't. This has been my most read post ever, which I find extremely funny because I'm not the best housekeeper. I would actually prefer to be known for my wood crafting and diys.

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  • Ileana Taylor
    on Mar 6, 2020

    I have done that already, but the inside glass is like a sealed glass sliding door that cannot be opened and that is where mine is stained, any thoughts?

    • Miriam
      on May 31, 2020

      Hello Ileana, I have taken y oven door off and took it apart to ge to the glass to clean it. the vents at the top of the door is where things may drip on the glass. When I asked a Maytag repairman he told me that they would take it apart and clean it for $75. That was 15 years ago so I opted to do it my self. Now I am trying to put the side back on and I am having a little issue, but have confidence that I will get it back together again.

  • Gwen Morton
    on Mar 13, 2020

    I have a self cleaning oven-convection oven ... When I use the self cleaning position, the panel would burn out circuits! That means a service call and new parts. I stop using my self cleaning cycle. What is the beat way to clean a self cleaning - convection oven? I will trying to clean the glass in the door also.

    • YamahaGirl
      on May 25, 2020

      My appliance guy told me to use regular oven cleaner. He said he tells everyone not to use the self clean....

  • Sandi
    on May 20, 2020

    I've been looking everywhere, maybe I missed it. What kind of oven/stove did you do this to? Can't imagine they're all the same. Great idea if it works!

    • ScavengerChic
      on May 20, 2020

      Definitely not all the same some people had problems when they tried this and mine couldn't have been easier. Mines a Kenmore

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  • Tammie
    on Mar 20, 2020

    Well, I tried this a year ago and broke the strips on either side of the door. The door actually just sort of fell apart, but I was able to get it back together. The strips were only for cosmetic reasons (thank goodness) and I never had any trouble with the temperature or problems baking. I even made a couple of pound cakes, and couldn't believe they turned out ok. I finally got a new stove b/c it was almost 15 years old. I doubt I'll try that again on my own.

  • Natalie Jeffrey
    on May 10, 2020

    I tried this about 5 years ago. It was hell putting the door back together and it never went back together quite right. Plus, the glass got dirty again quickly. Proceed with caution, just as original poster suggested.

    • ScavengerChic
      on May 12, 2020

      I encourage everyone to look up their particular brand of oven to get any more hints or to see if it is even possible. My oven could not have been easier but if you have any doubts get a professional.

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