How do I put a spin on beadboard for a small bathroom?


Putting bead board in toilet room. What suggestions do you have for putting a WOW factor with it?

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  • Nan W. Nan W. on Dec 03, 2019

    Lyn: great trim would add a WOW factor

  • on Dec 03, 2019

    paint it a bold color!

  • Seth Seth on Dec 03, 2019

    When I think of bead board as an architectural feature, it seems it's not meant to be the standout, eye catching part of your bathroom, but more of an accompaniment. The WOW factor would come more from a bold accent wall color or wall paper, curtain material, shower curtain, or wall art.

  • Pamela Pamela on Dec 03, 2019

    Hi ! I have Jack and Jill bathrooms .. I did them in a vintage cottage / industrial style . I made them coordinating , but not matching the half bath I did one whole wall in white beadboard and in the adjoining bathroom I did a half wall of beadboard , but painted it gray . I also took out a small medicine cabinet that was way to small , was in a bad spot and stuck out of the wall too far . Instead of just closing up the space with sheetrock , I decided to make it a decorating feature , by lining the space with

    Beadboard and framing it with trim . This might be an interesting thing to do on your headboard wall , if you have the room you can use them for storage of decorating . Putting several in the wall would definitely give a WOW factor !!!I

    To do this , pick your areas and cut a space between the wall studs put wood across the top and bottom , attach to the studs, set in the head board and frame it . You can check out my tutorial on this site called how I fixed a hole in my wall !

  • Pamela Pamela on Dec 03, 2019

    Here is my hole in the wall !

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 06, 2019

    Hi Lyn. You can add a wow factor by using paint. I love the combination of gray and bright white. Best wishes Lyn.

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 07, 2019

    Bead board is known for its simplicity, so a good paint job is the way to go.... quiet elegance.

  • Lyn Lyn on Dec 07, 2019